Do they hurt when they get kicked?

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  • I don´t have testicles :o

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Ok, the last two foxnews links I clicked gave me that bloody drivecleaner pop-up ad that tries to hijack my browser, so foxnews is oficially dead to me.
It's only popped up when I went to foxnews.

Aren't the ads a bit different from where in the world yer at anyways? Or do you get some ads in Swedish too? ;)
yeah, I notice that.

I'm in the process of setting up 98se with no protection what so ever.

I'll get to the bottom of it.
It sounds like a java thing.

Do you have the Latest java installed starya?

What os, and IE ver, or other browser?
Think I updated Java recently. Running XP, and using the latest version of FF.

I haven't come across the drivecleaner ad in some time, but whenever I do it's limited to specific sites, such as now - foxnews.
do you have google toolbar?
I just d/led from the first link in google for FF, and it was a virus.

Do you get the problem with IE also?

EDIT: ive tried everything and cannot recreate the problem:shrug:
I've been avoiding the google toolbar ever since I found out newer versions install a background application that forces your default search to be google, and who knows what else.
I don't have the google toolbar, but the google search engine plugin (among several search plugins). And that one's a keeper.
Hmmmm... funny... reading through this I see I posted a reply. Seems I'm still attracted to the title. ;) :D

What does that say about me? :roll:
No testicles here, though managing to bang my crotch accidentally on a table definitely hurts (haven't done that in a while, presumably due to getting tall enough that I can easily maneuver around a corner of a table, and have said corner now be at beginning of thigh-level now).