The end of an era began today


i was just wondering last week where some of my old dio t-shirts went... ever heard ronnie and the red hats, his first band?


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Because Forest Lawn Cemetery is in LosAngeles and you're going to hell.


Obviously you didn't listen to the entire video I posted.
Now your REALLY going to hell.


molṑn labé
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I saw the first 4-5 seconds & thought to myself, "self", I thought, "self, do I really want to give these trashy folks my time"?

The I answered a resounding NO!


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I find Westboro Baptist Church to be a complete hoot. In some ways, I wish I was present when they showed up to protest a military burial that I was at, or anything else, so I could find the weakest granny among them and take her old ass out with a right cross. Having her nasty dentures fly out and hit some infant in the face would only be a bonus.

The death of Ronnie James Dio ... very sad indeed.