The history of this forum...

In all fairness....i had been struggling with playing a good QIIIA for MONTHS when i decided to do that was definately a 700mhz Slot A and a Geforece 2...i think it was like in June actually (so the game had been out 6 months)...i honestly cant remember what i played it on before i am old..

Oh i remember it was the Voodoo machine that would barely run it at all.

When i finally built the new machine, I remember getting fps near the 70s90s at 800x600 or so and thinking i was the $hit.

After that i had the 1G thunderbird with a Radeon 8500, sold the Radeon to sexyboo and bought an 9800pro and WOW...was i too poor to buy enough ram to get Far Cry run smooth...i remmeber when i finally picked up an extra stick of Ram and then was BLOWN AWAY by the orginal Far Cry.....

Didnt have that much fun again until got one of the early Icore 920s and an ATI 4850 and a copy of Crysis (still ran choppy)....

Finally got my current Icore 860 water cooled and overclocked with an ATI 5870 and the only one who plays on the thing (lately) is my 1year old son...

How sad am i that to this day...QIIIA was probably the most fun i have ever had online gaming????..... (it probably means that i both have poor taste in games and suck in games)

Research Monkey, thanks for that video! It made me smile.
I can commiserate with having a gaming rig that never gets turned on. I got my Macbook Pro in March and my desktop has gathered dust since.

The early 00s was the Golden Age of gaming if you ask me. Modern Warfare 2 was good, but you can't beat Q3A and Counter-strike. I also played a ton of Rogue Spear and Rune. I remember running a CS server on an old P2-400 over a university Internet connection. We were one of the most popular servers in the midwest, until you got more than about a dozen players on and the old Pentium II gave up. Ran Linux, back when we didn't have an f'n clue what we were doing with Linux.
I don't like the lefties or righties, I practice equal-opportunity intolerance.

Word. ;)

I was Mirlyn on HWC and followed the OT-closing crowd. Lurked for a few years and then joined. Slowly started tapering off with the bookfacers.

I'm more fond of the twitters and G+ now.
I remember Necessary Evil and I see a few familiar names in this thread. Just gotten out of a bad relationship with World Of Warcraft so finding time to read on the internet again :)
"Oh and does ANYONE remember Necessary Evil from HWC?"

Yes, but then again I was there from 1999....jesus fuck!

I raised hell and fought with the best back in the day at HWC. Of course it is funny now to look back at fighting against "the man" in the name of the off-topic forum.

Oh and for the record....Counter-Strike is still fun.

Oh and I am still pissed off at my thread count here. I recall posting in the longest thread ever and had like 700+ posts in there alone. When that thread blew the fuck up my post count dropped to my pitiful 300ish.

Oh and it is funny to see the someone joined this forum from mikhailtech. I recall I sold the guy who ran Mikhailtech computer hardware for test purposes back in the day when I ran a computer company back in college. :)

Out of respect for cato, I don't post on his forum. I go there occasionally and read though. Seems the lefty's heads all a'spololded and cleared out of here.
Great example of what killed this site and drove people off. None of the hatred is kept in TRW threads like it should. It spills out freely like sour vomit from a drunk. We got tired of the smell and walked away.