Tyrone, Trayvon both look like Obama

My grandparents did.
Some of my great-grands had some so-called slaves, but they got out there with um, doing the same work, not driving.
So I'm told by the descendants on both ends of the spectrum.
You are correct. I did a search and there is nothing out there in the MSM outside of The Tulsa World. I'm sure that this clown's attorney will claim that he was a mere impressionable teenager when the crime occurred (he turns 20 on Sunday April 22)
i'm not a racist i just post everything under the sun that could remotely be construed as having something to with race because of my fascination with human variability
I think the lame stream media should give that one
a weeks worth of air play
I'd love to know about the person that
sliced them up!

Was it one of those evil white hispanics?
human variability
is some kinda new Liberal code word?
another feeble attempt to deny reality?
How's that working out for you?
'bout as good as the guy that got canned at NBC
for doctoring tapes?
it is exactly what you suspect. just like i suspect you display significant nasal guttering and prognathism.