US woman dies of water intoxication


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which is wwhy I switched from FM to AM (one can only hear the same lame 15 songs so many times in a day)


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They are in CYA mode alright, canning 10 emplyees and shutting down the morning program is as serious as you can get without closing the doors....
Water intoxication, or hyponatremia, occurs when sodium levels in the blood drop too low. The condition can lead to brain swelling, seizures, coma and death.

On Tuesday, KDND's parent company, Entercom/Sacramento, fired 10 employees connected to the contest, including three morning disc jockeys. The company also took the morning show off the air.

Station spokesman Charles Sipkins said Wednesday that the company had not yet heard from the sheriff's department but that it would cooperate with the investigation.

Attorneys for the Strange family said Wednesday they plan to file a wrongful-death lawsuit against the radio station.


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Water intoxication, or hyponatremia, occurs when sodium levels in the blood drop too low.

Yeah, heard something on the radio about how easy it would have been to save the woman with saline or some such.


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DJ: Can't you get water poisoning and like die?

DJ2: Your body is 98 percent water. Why can't you take in as much water as you want? ...I know.

DJ: That is what I was thinking, maybe we should have researched this.

DJ2: Jennifer, congratulations on making it to the final two. How are you feeling?

Jennifer: I still have to go pee, but my stomach is like really, really full. I look like I am pregnant again. It's pretty funny.

DJ2: How much longer do you think you can go Jennifer.

Jennifer: As long as my stomach will continue to let me. I don't know. Maybe a couple more.

DJ2: Jennifer, I heard that you're not doing too well.

Jennifer: My head hurts. They keep telling me that it is the water, that it will tell my head to hurt and then it will make me puke.

During the show, a listener calls in to warn the DJs that the stunt is dangerous and says someone could die.

"Yeah, we're aware of that," one of them says.

Another DJ laughs: "Yeah, they signed releases, so we're not responsible. We're OK."

"And if they get to the point where they have to throw up, then they're going to throw up, and they're out of the contest before they die, so that's good, right?" another one says.

Strange was found dead Friday


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You can forget those waivers - the Station and it's owners are culpable of so much negligence, it is unreal.