What about this motherboard?


Still thinking about my brother's new machine, and I advised him to wait a few days for this motherboard to arrive:


Features include USB 2.0, Firewire, no legacy crap, DDR 400, 5 PCI ports, 8X AGP port, ATA 133 controller (4 channels, 8 devices), etc.

i'm distrustful of boards free of legacy crap until usb is reliable. my usb scanners never seem to go properly and i'm supposed to have the same joys with my printer, k/b and mouse? :rolleyes:

on the other hand abit boards have generally got a good build reputation, i have the kt7a-r board and would probly buy another.
i rather connect the printer to a parallel port.....
good thing it has no serial ports, 'cause they are useless these days.
for some strange reason USB always works fine with me :)

No problems whatsoever....

The motherboard looks really good btw, LL
those max boards are quite pricey too...i would only consider it if you make use of all the onboard features. if you are gonna add an extra sound card, nic then it isn't worth it. i still use serial ports for remotes and lcds and crap.
The printer he will be using is on the network. Since it has a network card, we won't throw one in. Both of use use USB keyboards and mice and our printer is also USB. None of has one bit of problem. I don't quite understand what you mean by USB being unreliable...
ris said:
what board you use sf? when i upgrade i'd like full usb functionality :)

I use the ASUS A7V266...it's kinda old already, but I never had any USB problems...there's already a new version of this motherboard available :)

Before this I had the Abit BX-133 RAID, no problems either :)
might be my choice of scanners then ;)

i thought umax were quite reliable a manufacturer :rolleyes:
Mhhh...that sucks yeah...

I use Win2k Pro, so it's pretty good supported :)

Even my cam was *plug* "New HW device detected..." And voila, a new external HD recognized :D
i had a usb camera work fine with win2k, just this bleeding usn scanner keeps blinking on and off. first sign of hardware alterations and it disappears. piece of crap :(
hehehe, 3 usb scanners i've had and all have been dodgy.
what i need is a parallel one.... :p
Luis G said:
USB is unrealiable for me 'cause i'm a Linux user as well.
Well that is Linux's fault right? Don't blame USB for the incompetencies of Linux. Microsoft did it right this time. :D :p I have only one use for a linux machine, and that is to sit in a corner and give me internet. For personal use, Windows. For server use, Solaris. :D
luis said 'it's unreliable for me because a linux user'. he laid no blame at the feet of usb. stop looking to pick issues where there are none.