* thinks she should get together with AT and Tonks

Seriously girls, we can have fun. Wait, that sounds dirrty. Nevermind.

I'm still thinking about not doing a double dose again.
LOL, I think we should all get together for some clean fun involving copious amounts of weed and prescription medicine :D
thinking 2 things

cause I'm advanced

1. thinking how many people spiked the eggnog for the work party, cause I feel GOOD

2. thinking tonks AT and Rose should invite some men too

mainly me, i like weed!

wow, good eggnog
hey guys! :swing: Can I come too?

I used to get paid in weed by friends asking me to roll joints for them. I was a li'l human rolling machine in my youth....
Ooh yeah! Of course you're invited.

Just one thing i'm thinking of thinking right now....where will we all be 'coming' to?
Because it's the perfect place to meet for such an auspicious occasion I think.

I think I should go post my poem in Bish's thread, but I'm too shy and besides, no-one will understand it.
i think i missed that before but it makes sense now.....okey dokey

i'm finding it amusing that a person named cookie sells weed.....
Yeah it's in Afrikaans - LOL mebbe you will understand it if you're stoned enough :D

Hell, i understand Chinese when I'm on acid, so I think it could work for you ;)