What's for lunch?

Is Spag = Spaghetti and Cukes = Cucumbers normal abbreviations? I've never heard of them.

P.S. Spaghetti with carrots and cucumbers sounds...odd.
Spag is usually Spagh, I think. I usually see it in seventies books with conversations among teenagers in Britain.

Cukes is normalish.
Ah Winkster, so glad to know what is populating yer poop.

Lunch yesterday was a sammich from cafe down the road. Sundried tomaters, cheese, some other stuff. Had better, had worse.

Spaghetti & cucumber sounds odd... unless it was like a seasonal vege dish?
I haven't heard the terms before but it was pretty easy to figure out... when in doubt, just say it out loud... spag sounds like the start of spaghetti, cukes sounds like the start of cucumbers...
Spag with a side of baby carrots and spiced and diced cukes.

Spaghetti (Just the pasta) with cucumbers that have been diced (into cubes) and spiced (add pepper, cumin, and paprica and then pan-fried).

I was sure that cukes = cucumbers was par for the course...like calling McDonald's = McD's or Mickey D's. or Burger King = Burger Thing.
I was hoping it was a salad. ? Otherwise, it's appalling.

A cold veggie-pasta salad is all it is. I dunno about appalling...appealing maybe. :evilgrin:

Pan-fried cucumbers taste similar to pan-fried zucchini - cook faster tho' so, if you don't like mushy veggies, remove from heat faster.
I almost always bring my lunch to work, and it is almost always leftovers from the night before.

I made Mediterranean style vegetable and chickpea phyllo rolls last night. So delicious! I'm bringing 2 of those and some leftover Tex-Mex rice from a few days ago.

I have been on a semi-vegetarian kick again (I was a vegetarian for 4.5 years before). I prefer vegetarian or vegan meals, but will eat meat if that's what's served. I have been fixing vegetarian (and sometimes vegan) dinners when it's my turn to cook. G makes what he wants when it's his turn (usually includes some sort of meat dish). But I do nearly all of the cooking (and he does almost all of the dishes), so it ends up that we have 5 to 6 out of 7 dinners a night that are either vegetarian or vegan.

Mediterranean style vegetable and chickpea phyllo rolls

2 cups of any of the following veggies, chopped or cubed: carrots, onions, green onions, celery, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, zucchini, yellow squash, butternut squash, asparagus, eggplant, etc. (this part is highly versatile, use what you have)
1 cup of cooked chick peas, drained and rinsed (you can use any type of bean or lentil you want here, but it must be already cooked)
1/4 cup of raisins (I used golden raisins)
1 tsp curry powder, 1/4 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp paprika, dash of cayenne
phyllo dough (thawed)
olive spray oil (such as Pam)

1) Saute the veggies.
2) Add the chickpeas, raisins and spices. Stir to mix well. Remove from heat.
3) Place parchment paper on a cookie sheet in preparation for baking.
4) Unwrap the thawed phyllo dough. If you can't work quickly you need keep it covered with wax paper and a damp kitchen towel.
5) Lay one phyllo dough sheet on parchment paper, quickly spray with oil. Lay a second sheet on top and spray that one. (Note: you do not need to align the sheets exactly, it will all come out fine in the end.)
6) Lay about 1/3 cup of vegetable mix at one end of the double layer of phyllo dough, tuck the sides over the vegetable mix and roll up like a burrito.
7) Place on the parchment paper lined cookie sheet and do the next roll. Keep going until you are done with the veggie mix.

This recipe made 5 rolls for me, but you can adjust the amount of vegetable mix as you need. Enjoy!
looks like I'll be on soup for quite a while.
I had my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (wisdom tooth) out on the upper right side Tuesday,
and that just leaves the left side 1st, 2nd bicuspids, and 1st molar.
Then I can get a full upper denture.
It looks like it'll be at least the middle of summer before I can get the denture made.
That's if everything heals right. I'm not doing an immediate denture. I'd rather
let my gums toughen a little.
PB&J .. in support of all those poor bastards that aren't allowed to have it because someone somewhere might be allergic.