Why am I here...


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I think it's because the other forum I've written in in the past is about to get hit by a wrecking ball. I know some sick bastards that post here....thanks for letting me know about the place, Hex.
Sure Boat. Good to have you. You need a break. Enjoy your stay.:) Here we can just remember the good ol days and block out everything else.
Where is this place? Can we go tear some shit up while it's still around?
Heh...that place has individiual posters with in excess of 100,000 posts and single threads beyond a million...
Well, can we get linkage? I wouldn't mind getting banned today. :D
Fine then....it's BEING hit as we speak....and I'm just looking for safe harbor. It has very much become the cult Madrin referred to it as. Mostly it's the surreal images of Saving Private Ryan as people lie moaning and bleeding...gathering their body parts as dementia sets in and crazed people with bullets resting mortally in their internals scream that victory is at hand. It's not been a pretty sight. Just as well, cause I haven't had much time of late.
I'm not sure if i want to say. I don't want to embarrass anyone.:D
I'll leave it to other people to give it up if they wish.