World Cup: it's time again!


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Place your bets. My favourites are
4.*random african team* (Ivory Coast would be my bet if they were training with a coach for a longer time)


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Best show until now was given by Germany. Too soon to point it as a candidate, but I liked what I saw. Can't say the same of Netherlands. I was expecting a more creative team. Playing now: Italy x Paraguay. This is the best paraguayan team ever IMO, I dare to say they might win against one of the worst Italys I ever knew...


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My bet ... the most embarassing moment of the entire series will belong to someone with an English connection ...

so far, I'm 2-zip on this.


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From my favourites, only Netherlands still remains. Though I would add Germany to the list at this point.


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Cheering for Germany tomorrow! If it's the Nederlands against Germany, that will be interesting. The BF will be for Germany, and I'll be cheering the Nederlands. :D


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Nope...but they outlasted teh French, so that's something.

It's the Finals on Sat/Sun.
Germany v. Uruguay on Saturday for 3rd and consolation - my money's on Germany taking 3rd place.
Spain v. The Netherlands on Sunday... first time either wins the FIFA world cup. My money is of course on Spain.