Bloomberg on the proposed Muslim community center

Discussion in 'Kiddie Korner' started by spike, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. ResearchMonkey

    ResearchMonkey Well-Known Member

    Congratulations. You have never been more irrelevant.

    Dumbfuckistan is shrinking and you're making it happen. Thanks pal!


    Good Day Sir!
  2. spike

    spike New Member

    Hahah, making up shit din't work out repeatedly for you as it was so easy to prove wrong.

    So you've resorted to your only other trick....weak ass trolling.

    You're too easy.
  3. Cerise

    Cerise Well-Known Member


    Executing people for their religion? You mean like the moosies do?

    "He who fights that Allah's Word, Islam, should be superior, fights in Allah's Cause." Sahih Bukhari 4.52.625

  4. catocom

    catocom Well-Known Member

    This is really kinda sad.
    I'll leave you with it there Spike.
    Carry on I guess.
  5. 2minkey

    2minkey bootlicker

  6. valkyrie

    valkyrie Well-Known Member

    Which people involved are you opposed to? (And I took the time to read all of the posts between my post and the one below. I did not see an answer to this question.)

    Is it Feisal Abdul Rauf? Because this guy is a moderate and he has openly condemned al-Qaeda and anyone affiliated with it. If you want Muslims to be on the side of America, this is one of the people you want on our side. He's a Sufi not a Wahhabi.

    Honestly, I see nothing but anti-religious bigotry in the protests. There are no supporting arguments but that.

    If a group of Atheists protested the building of a Christian church would you be upset? Put yourself in these people's shoes and walk a mile. They're just like you, Cat. They just want the same freedom to worship as you do.
  7. Cerise

    Cerise Well-Known Member

    "Moderate" Imam of the Ground Zero mosque advised the Christian community to submit to Islamic dominance, violence and terror.

    "My message to the Christian community in Malaysia is that using the word Allah to mean the Christian God may be theologically and legally correct, but in the context of Malaysia, it is socially provocative. If you want to have influence with people in Malaysia, you must find a way to convey your message without provoking this kind of response."

    And so Rauf, surely you can understand that constructing a 13 story mega-mosque right next to Ground Zero may be legally correct, but in the context of New York, it is socially provocative. :shrug:
  8. 2minkey

    2minkey bootlicker

    suggesting phrasing amounts to terror and violence, huh? wow. no wonder i have a hard time taking most of the posts here seriously.
  9. Cerise

    Cerise Well-Known Member

    I guess some people do need the back story, don't they?

    Once again, the RoP tradition of violence continues unabated, this time over their perceived insult over the use of the word "Allah" by non-Muslims.
  10. catocom

    catocom Well-Known Member

    I won't be responding in this thread anymore.
    It's become Totally useless.
    The same question over and over.
    Then just dismissed, and it starts over yet again.:retard:
  11. Cerise

    Cerise Well-Known Member

  12. 2minkey

    2minkey bootlicker

    really, cerise? and the arsonists are under the command of this particular imam, or they're just random assholes? should we assume that any catholic committing a crime did so under the express direction of the pope? please...
  13. spike

    spike New Member

    I know you know that the vast majority of Muslims don't kill anyone.

    However Christians also kill Muslims. So by your reasoning we should generalize all Christians by the few that kill.

    Fine, all Christians are murderers.
  14. spike

    spike New Member

    Yes, it is pretty sad that you would make up stuff to justify attacking core American values like religious freedom. It's sickening that people would target a group and want to take away their freedom because of fear mongering.
  15. spike

    spike New Member

    It's funny that you accuse him of advising the christian community to submit to dominance violence and terror and than your link had nothing to do with any of that.

    It must have made you just sick to see Bush kissing men of a religion you so irrationally hate.

    No, it's not. It's a gesture for peace and understanding. Not provocative until idiot politicians try and whip up some fear and lash out against the innocent to gain votes from the gullible.

    "Some of the comments that have been uttered about Islam do not reflect the sentiments of my government or the sentiments of most Americans. Islam, as practiced by the vast majority of people, is a peaceful religion, a religion that respects others. Ours is a country based upon tolerance and we welcome people of all faiths in America." - George Bush

    He did get a couple things right huh?
  16. spike

    spike New Member

    Of course, all the child raping was done at the command of the Pope and all Catholics rape children.
  17. Cerise

    Cerise Well-Known Member

    Pay attention much? Short term memory gone?

    Weren't you the one who had just said he was a moderate sufi moosie?

    Him telling the Christians in malaysia that they need to go along to get along or they will be burned out doesn't sound too moderate to me.

    Nor does the fact that he is a contributor to the anti-Israel, jew hating flotilla coincidently enough, based in malaysia as well, make him sound like he could possibly bear any semblance to a so-called "moderate muslim".
  18. spike

    spike New Member

    Why do all the arguments against Park 51 rely on made up crap?

    "If you want to have influence with people in Malaysia, you must find a way to convey your message without provoking this kind of response."

    Why would you blatantly misrepresent this as "You need to go along to get along"?

    He said "if you want to have influence here's my suggestion". If they don't want to have influence fine. If they think they can have influence without following his suggestions fine. He didn't fucking issue any fucking orders like you want to make it out with your fear mongering.

    Actually your link says nothing about directly contributing to the flotilla but if he did...good for him!

    You made up more shit about it being anti-Israel and jew hating which I guess is the only tactic you have. It's ineffective as usual because it's pretty clear the flotilla was about bring attention to Israel's illegal blockade which is starving Palestinians. But your probably for starving Palestinians too.

    It's funny how blatantly the right just sprints towards fascism when they get any chance.
  19. spike

    spike New Member

    Tell me Cerise, are you cheering on all the new terrorism or denouncing it?
  20. 2minkey

    2minkey bootlicker

    actually given the link you posted he sounds more like a radical peacenik. now i know why you don't like him. if the bad guys don't act bad that just leaves... nothing to get upset about, and that would be boring, right?

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