Bloomberg on the proposed Muslim community center

Discussion in 'Kiddie Korner' started by spike, Aug 7, 2010.

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    And sharia law is not compatible with any other religions, we are trying to preserve poli-religious freedoms. Until Islam shows itself to be tolerant and 21st century compatible, we just don't have room for it among our melting pot. I suggest they make an effort to show us the societal benefits and tolerance of Islam on their home turf first.

    I'd like to see prove that with real world events that demonstrate your claim.


    Yeah right. You are the one who prescribed killing conservatives, right? Nice commie thinking.

    You keep trying to project this image of the violent and racist TeaParty, but you have nothing. You keep repeating this like it will eventually be accepted as truth (Alinsky much?) -- Any race tensions are being manufactured for political gains by your peeps.
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    Actually there's a ton of similarity between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

    Islam has shown itself to be 21st century compatible and has been part of our melting pot since the 1600s.

    Millions have showed their tolerance and societal benefits on their home turf right here in the US already.

    You hate an entire religion including millions of Americans based on irrational bigotry.

    You made that up. I suggested it would be more reasonable to kill or deport people that attacked our core American values of religious freedom than to kill people based on their religion like Cerise suggested. That was nice fascist thinking.

    Ha! You don't like it when people portray an entire group as violent? You don't want it repeated like repeating it is going to make it true? You don't like manufacture racial tension for political gain?

    Oh wait, you just don't like it when other people do it. For you it's ok to do it constantly. :laugh:

    You fell right into that one.
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    You've demonstrated nothing, you simply declare it.

    Just an isolated fringe group.[​IMG]

    Nice tolerant religion you have there buddy, no thanks.
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  5. spike

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    What else would you like demonstrated while you make up shit? Go ahead and tell me. If you want to move towards factual arguments for once that could be interesting.

    I agree, I will back up everything I say with facts if you will start doing it.

    Exactly, I'm glad you got it. Some people of most/all religions commit violent crimes daily. It's interesting that you only posted crimes by Muslims though, that is misleading and plays into your original problem of generalizing billions of people by the actions of a few.

    It's like if we generalized all Christians by the history of the KKK or all religious conservatives by the actions of Al Qaeda. It's just what Hitler did to turn the population against Jews. The right seems willing to sprint towards fascism every time some nutball fear mongers.

    I appreciate the fact that you realized most Muslims are very tolerant and yet don't want to be part of it. A lot of people feel the same way about all religions.

    Irrational hatred of so many innocent people we need to wipe off the planet.

    Do you even personally know or hang out with any Muslims? You come off as very naive about religion in general.
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    Check out this website....spell illuminati backwards and add a .com.


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    I just ordered my first tin-foil hat.
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    LOL :bgtup:
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    It is pretty audacious of them to do that. I wonder what minky thinks.
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    I'd tell you its just some dude who just forwards the domain, but I doubt that is juicy enough for you. ;)
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    I tried to do a dns look up, however, I could not find anything.
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    OK, Demonstrate just how tolerant Islamic nation really are.THEN demonstrate just how tolerant Islam is in France and England.

    Just like you did with Man Made Global Warming, the wonderful prosperity that the stimulus brought us. Maybe you prove it just like you did with Obama care; how most Americans want it, that you can keep your own choices, etc, etc...

    Yeah it intersting, you never have demonstrated the current long term/large scale movement by other religions doing the same type of violent enforced campaigns.

    You are very confused here, you can't get past certain word combination that easily mislead you. Let's do a basic autopsy of your flaws....

    Rightwing ≠ KKK
    Conservative ≠ National Socialist Party.
    The American Conservative ≠ Islamic AQ
    • You have already stated that many Democrats are Christians.
    • the KKK was born and carried by the democrats. It never changed, the Democrats STILL carry the ideology that balck people are not able to function as white people, thus need proping up.
    • Ideological differences between Al Queda and American Right wing are marked different. While both may label as "RightWing", they are not cut from the same cloth. AQ, want's a sharia world based solely on Islamic law with an absolute control.
    • The American RightWing has a completely different Ideology than the AQ one your simplistic mind try's to project as the same. We want smaller government with less control among the many.
    • Ideological difference between American conservative and the National Socialist Party are miles apart, you are really grasping at straws here buddy.
    • tHe Nat'l Soc Party was centered on the Governmet, they felt religion was a threat to the greater good of the Party, just like you.
    • If you look at the actions of the National Socialist Party's Ideologies you will find it isn't very far from the political ideologies you hold, that you support.
    • It is the left who currently hates the Jews and and that support the antiIsraeli movement.
    Blather based on your emotions.

    Who want wipe them off the earth? I say let them be, ....over there.

    Yes, I know a number of Musilms, some of those relationship have become strained in recent years, mostly due to their own intolerance. Many, if not most, will be nice and polite while and display some level of remorse for the actions of their people and yet will not directly condemn the actions. there are some also that just wont discuss any of it with me. I also know a number who have become Islamic apostates in the last decade. Some of what they have to say has convinced me that Islam is bad news in the United States.

    Lets talk about the TeaParty. The TP want's smaller government, the vast majority are not racist. Both of these are issues have been difficult for you wrap you little mind around -- IN FACT -- you spend so much effort trying to push the racist issue it make it very clear that you fear us.

    See Spike, you have a cognitive problem with understanding ideologies and the difference thereof. You can't think beyond the most simplistic staples of cognitive reasoning.

  14. 2minkey

    2minkey bootlicker

    1. uh, okay.
    2. southern democrats. before they switched over to the GOP. more conservative than possibly even you, but certainly kin folk of yers.
    3 +4. there are some great similarities. both want to recapture an archaic way of living and outmoded morals. they both want to go marching. they both shun those outside their group, and rely on identity politics.
    5 6. nazis and US right wingers: same form of identity politics and rabid loyalty to their version of the motherland. you know, you guys are the "real americans" right?
    7. ROFL yeah right.
    8. bullshit. just plain bullshit.
  15. spike

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    Most Muslims are very tolerant which is why you are only ever able to generalize from the actions of a small minority.

    Exactly, in every discussion I am able to back up what I say where you just make up crap.

    Exactly, just like you haven't demonstrated that the majority of Muslims are involved in any long term/large scale violent campaigns. Because the vast majority aren't.

    You are very confused here, you can't get past certain word combination that easily mislead you. Let's do a basic autopsy of your flaws....

    • Fascinating, you mean you don't think it's right to generalize all right wingers by the actions of a few? Amazing that you can't grasp that it is exactly what you are doing. The blatant hypocrisy is stunning.

      You still can't get the idea that Muslim ≠ Terrorist. Just like how even though Al Qaeda, Conservatives, Nazis, and the KKK are all right wing you shouldn't generalize all right wingers by the actions of one of those groups.

      It's as if the reasoning gets through to you when generalizations are made about a group you like and you get all offended. But then right away you chuck all rationality out the window when it comes to groups you don't like.

      They share many similarities. Irrational hatred of certain groups, wanting to remove those groups from the country, fear mongering, and many others.

      Actually looks like your going to need a history lesson.

      Nazis, being right wing, aren't far from the political ideologies you hold, that you support.

      Anti Israel movement? I hadn't heard about that. There are a growing number of Americans that are against unconstitutionally giving away our tax dollars and military equipment to Israel.

      Oh, you want to get rid of massive numbers of US citizens based solely on religion? That's not fascist/nazi at alll. :laugh:

      Oh yeah, could be your intolerance hating all Muslims and all and wanting them deported. :rolleyes:

      Interesting that you expect them to be remorseful for something they had nothing to do with.

      I don't hear much remorse from individual catholics for all the kid fucking. For some reaosn Cerise refuses to condemn the recent terrorism aganst Muslims. Do you condemn it?

      There is a large number of racists in the Tea Party. You don't want generalizations made because you say the vast majority aren't racist right? Kinda like the vast majority of Muslims aren't violent.

      "These are issues have been difficult for you wrap you little mind around"

      It's interesting that I have to use your own reasoning for you to see the flaws in it. This might end up being a good way to get the facts through to you. Just use your own reasoning and cognitive patterns, then finally you see how fucked it is.

  16. ResearchMonkey

    ResearchMonkey Well-Known Member

    Which political party has historically supported civil rights? -- It's not the Democrats. still to this day: by viture of legislation, the left continues to show their belief that black/Hispanic can't rise to same level of whitey without race based legal advantages. What is so difficult to understand about that?

    You also seem to have difficulty discovering the ideological difference between AQ and American conservatives. -- How can you possibly believe that AQ and the American conservative can occupy the same space.

    Yes, we American conservative do love our motherland and want to preserve it. however that means small and limited government, not a bloated socialist utopia that the American Left and the National Socialist Party both intrinsically value as part of the national identity.

    The conservatives tend to support Israel where as the left support Hamas and the Islamic front. I still don't understand why American Jews vote left. - Maybe you can 'splain it to me
  17. ResearchMonkey

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    Nice poll you have there, do you have anything current like the post I used? -- What your older chart in contrast does demonstrates is that dumbfuckistan.JPG is indeed shrinking.
    • Health Care -- America does not want -- got the current facts on that?
    • The stimulus is working -- America does not want -- got the current facts on that?
    • The stimulus a cost less than 7 years of the Iraq war -- America does not want -- got the current facts on that?
    • The Economic plan is working -- -- America does not want -- got the current facts on that?
    • IPCC report is accurate -- America does not want -- got the current facts on that?
    • The Scientific community has a complete consensus as per the IPCC -- America does not want -- got the current facts on that?
    • The majority of American believe in man made global warming -- America does not want -- got the current facts on that?
    • The liberal left is going win this November -- America does not want -- got the current facts on that?
    • Glenn Beck raped and killed some chick
    Get to demonstrating what the American want and do not want there buddy, and keep it current. -- so far your accuracy has been quite low.



    Just remember this; it is people like you and your fail policy that are going to deliver the goods in November.

  18. ResearchMonkey

    ResearchMonkey Well-Known Member

    In short spike. Since the current leadership is so fantastic we can expect huge democrat wins in November, right?

    Proof is in the pudding eh buddy?

  19. spike

    spike New Member

    Civil rights history is interesting. The Civil Rights Act was responsible for most of the racist Southern Democrats moving to the Republican party.

    "The passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which was widely opposed by white Southerners, was the event that finally moved the majority of Southerners to the Republican Party on a national level."

    This trend has continued to current day with the vast majority of white supremacists identifying with the Republicans or Tea Party.

    Then there's people like you who would remove citizens civil rights simply based on religion or sexual preference.

    They don't occupy the same space. Their both right wing though. Just like Democrats and Commies don't occupy the same space.

    More accurately, the right tend to blindly support Israel and unconstitutionally transferring vast amounts of US tax dollars to them. While the left is able to recognize the faults of both the Israelis and the Palestinians.
  20. spike

    spike New Member

    It's a few months old. Did you expect some vast change intheir demo? :laugh:

    Yes, it already shrank. The last couple of elections where quite a blow to dumbfuckistan.

    What facts do you want exactly? Trying to change the subject?

    Fuck yeah. :hairbang:

    Not sure what your point is here. The Iraq war was a colossal fuck up that killed massive numbers of people while the stimulus is saving jobs and preventing the economy from tanking worse. Apples/Oranges.

    Yep, things are improving from Bush's screw up.


    Not complete but pretty damn close. Glad you're coming around.

    About 50/50.

    Hard to say. But a threepeat would be pretty cool.

    Not sure, has he proved that he didn't yet?

    Weird that you would say that after I prove you wrong multiple times a day.

    Was it people like you that delivered the goods the last few Novembers? :laugh:

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