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Discussion in 'The Lobby' started by Jon, Feb 20, 2003.

  1. Jon

    Jon New Member

    It is with great sorrow that I find my self in the position to let you know that Daniel Peter Gardner (known on this board as "dan") passed away on Wednesday 19th February.

    Speaking to his father, I found out that Daniel died as a result of a brain haemorrage, apparently caused by a brain tumour.

    Dan was one of my best friends; he was friends with a lot of people, all of whom will miss him dearly.

    I'm sorry to notify you of this, but I know that Dan had a lot of friends on this board.

    Thank you.

  2. unclehobart

    unclehobart New Member

    *stun and shock*
  3. unclehobart

    unclehobart New Member

    I can't believe we've lost one of our own. I'm about ready to cry.
  4. ipmoof

    ipmoof New Member

    OMG man, that is terrible. I am so very sorry... :( :( :(
  5. fury

    fury Administrator Staff Member

    You gotta be fucking kidding me!


  6. Q

    Q New Member

    OMG ....dan was one of my favorite people here. I really enjoyed him.:crying4:

    Thanks for letting us know, Jon. Please let his family know that he had many friends here that will miss him.
  7. PT

    PT Off 'Motherfuckin' Topic Elite

    omg. Please pass along our condolences to his family.
  8. tommyj27

    tommyj27 Not really Banned

  9. Leslie

    Leslie Communistrator Staff Member

    oh noooooooooo :(


    aw Jon *hugs:
  10. Justintime

    Justintime Guest

    geezus christ, so sorry, give his family all our condolences :( geez sorryy man :(
  11. Nixy

    Nixy Elimi-nistrator Staff Member

    OH MY GOD!

    I am so sorry to hear that. He was a good friend to me when I needed someone.

    Please let his family know that I am thinking of them and will miss him dearly...
  12. Luis G

    Luis G <i><b>Problemator</b></i> Staff Member

    i'm just shocked :(
  13. samcurry

    samcurry Screwing with the code... Staff Member

    Man, Im in shock here. jon, i am very sorry for the loss. We will miss him here as well. adding his family into my prayers.
  14. Squiggy

    Squiggy ThunderDick

    :crying3: wow....I can't believe I'm reading this. So sorry to hear this Jon. I appreciated Dan's presence at OTC. We'll miss him....Please accept and pass on our condolences for you and his family. If you should get the chance, Let us know an address we can send cards too.

    Sam/fury, Can we quickly coordinate a collection for flowers to send from OTC?
  15. samcurry

    samcurry Screwing with the code... Staff Member

    already working on it. will use the paypal , so if people want to use the donate button that is fine to replenish it.
  16. Justintime

    Justintime Guest

    i'm still trying to recover here, just so unexpected as these things are :(
  17. Gonz

    Gonz molṑn labé Staff Member

    Damn. :(
  18. Luis G

    Luis G <i><b>Problemator</b></i> Staff Member

    My condolences to their family and to you as well Jon, i don't know what it feels to lose a friend, i've only dreamt of that, and it feels terrible.
  19. Shadowfax

    Shadowfax <b>mod cow</b>

    i'm shocked to hear that :(

    my condolences go out to his family and all his friends :(
  20. Jon

    Jon New Member


    Thank you so much for all the messages; I'm sure he'll be logging in from the great rig in the sky from time to time :)

    As regards flowers, cards, etc., his mum's address is as follows:

    24 The Hollands
    RG19 4LU

    I'll be a tad busy trying to contact his friends who don't yet know for the next couple of hours, so if I don't reply, sorry in advance :)


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