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Discussion in 'The Lobby' started by PostCode, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. Raven Until the day I die.... Annoying SOB

    awww I missed it...:mope:

    will you post it again?
  2. PostCode Major contributor!

    Ok. Fuck it. I'm tired of waiting for people to say anything in here I'm going to name the prize.

    MSI KT4V
    512MB 333 DDR

    There. Now it's official. Start shittin out some ideas peoples.
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  3. Jon ^calls his penis Halala New Member

    JESUS H. CHRIST, that's one hell of a prize! Dude, you're either messed up in the head or freakin' generous! :headbang:

    no nForce2?! :cuss:

  4. ris 121.3 moh New Member

    bloody northerners, just be grateful you got electricity up there eventually ;)

  5. Raven Until the day I die.... Annoying SOB know Cardiff is north of london therefore you are nothern yourself ris ;)

    will start 'shitting ideas' as you put it this thursday
  6. tommyj27 I DARN YOU TO HECK! Not really Banned

    hey posty, are you going to set up some ground rules or anything?
  7. Leslie Communistrator

    Posty is just the wunnerfullest guy ever! :swing:
  8. PostCode Major contributor!

    No. That's the prize. I fucked up on a order and got the worng board.

    oops. hehehe

    Ohh well. Shit happens.

    So, I guess some rules are needed. fury, make the rules.

    Ummm I guess I can't do it.

    I think the admins and mods should also be excluded. Just so nobody thinks were playing favorites.

    Fury, throw some ideas for rules my way. Sammy, if'n ya got any yerself, you do the same.

    Gonz...well, you just do whatever.....whatever a gonz does.... :D
  9. Oz New Member

    Gotta respect a sideways shift of responsibilty like that :D
  10. tommyj27 I DARN YOU TO HECK! Not really Banned

  11. ris 121.3 moh New Member

    damn northern monkeys forgetting to read, i live in gertlush bristol now ;)

    you are correct though, i am northerner in reality, being as i am from the county to the north of london known as suffolk.
  12. pc_builder Expectorator New Member

    Here is my first entry. By no means a masterpiece. Very rough and unpolished.

    It's just a starting idea and I'll work on it more when I feel more artistic.
  13. tadrlz Master2B New Member

  14. samcurry My life, My job, My curse. To vanquish evil Screwing with the code...

    Only 1 pic in a month? wow. common guys this is a great prize.

    only real rules is it has to be 1in by 1in. be a true representation of the site, and you have to give us the original file.
  15. Kawaii I find your lack of pants disturbing. Well-Known Member

    I'll get right on it. I seem to have missed this thread.
  16. Kawaii I find your lack of pants disturbing. Well-Known Member

    Done. *wipes sweat*
    Note that this was done from scratch. ie no ctrl+c -> ctrl+v-ing
    Attached in case it expires...
  17. pc_builder Expectorator New Member

    What's one inch by one inch translated to pixels?
  18. pc_builder Expectorator New Member

    Here's a couple more rough entries. Also, do these fit in the 1inch by 1inch rule?
  19. pc_builder Expectorator New Member

    Here's one more. If I had Paint Shop Pro, or maybe Photoshop, these might look a little better.
  20. Squiggy A fool and his ThunderDick

    That would depend on the resolution...

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