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    1618: Sir Walter Raleigh, English adventurer, writer, and favorite courtier of Queen Elizabeth I, is beheaded in England under a sentence brought against him fifteen years earlier by King James I.

    1923: The Turkish nationalist leader Mustafa Kemal Pasha (later known as Atatürk) is elected president of Turkey.

    1929: The stock market crashes, heralding the onset of the Great Depression.

    1991: The American space probe Galileo takes the first close-up photograph of an asteroid in space.
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    1831: Escaped slave Nat Turner is apprehended in Southampton County, Virginia, several weeks after leading the bloodiest slave uprising in American history.

    1938: Orson Welles stirs nationwide panic with his "War of the Worlds" radio dramatization.

    1961: Soviet leader Nikita Khrushev orders the de-Stalinization of the USSR.

    1972: U.S. President Richard Nixon approves legislation to increase Social Security spending by $5.3 billion.
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    Happy Halloween all!

    1517: German theologian and religious reformer Martin Luther publishes his Ninety-Five Theses, denouncing the sale of indulgences (pardons for sins) and stressing salvation through the grace of God alone.

    1941: While escorting a convoy of war material to Britain, the destroyer Reuben James is torpedoed and becomes the first U.S. warship to be sunk by hostile action during World War II.

    1956: American rear admiral George John Dufek is the first person to land an airplane at the South Pole.

    1984: Indira Gandhi is assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards.
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    1765: Parliament enacts the Stamp Act.

    1772: French chemist Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier demonstrates that when sulfur or phosphorus burns, the gain in weight is due to its combination with air.

    1848: The Boston Female Medical School, the first medical school for women in the United States, opens in Boston, Massachusetts.

    1861: George B. McClellan becomes commander in chief of the Union army.

    1936: Italian prime minister Benito Mussolini describes the alliance between Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy as an "axis" running between Berlin and Rome.

    1950: Charles Cooper, the first African-American player in the NBA, plays his first game for the Boston Celtics.
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    remember - Change We Need

    1842: Abraham Lincoln marries Lexington-born Mary Todd.

    1918: Austria surrenders to the Allies.

    1922: British archaeologist Howard Carter discovers the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun in Luxor, Egypt.

    1952: Dwight D. Eisenhower is elected president of the United States.

    1979: Student followers of Ruhollah Khomeini storm the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, taking hostages.

    1995: Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin is assassinated.
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    2008: YES WE DID! Elect a great man, Barack Obama, to be our first african american president elect.!

    1370: Kazimierz III the Great, king of Poland (1333-1370) and last of the Piast dynasty, dies at age 60.

    1605: English conspirator Guy Fawkes is arrested in an attempt to blow up the British Parliament.

    1895: American inventor George B. Selden patents the gasoline-powered automobile.

    1912: Woodrow Wilson is elected the 28th president of the United States.

    1940: U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected to a third term in office.
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    1307: The legendary Swiss archer William Tell is said to have shot Hermann Gessler, the Austrian governor of Tyrol, on this day.

    1837: In Alton, Ill., abolitionist Elijah Lovejoy is shot to death by a mob while trying to protect his printing shop.

    1917: The Bolshevik-led Congress of Soviets comes to power in Russia.

    1944: Franklin D. Roosevelt is re-elected to a record fourth term as president of the United States.

    1989: In New York, former Manhattan borough president David Dinkins becomes the city's first black mayor.

    1989: In Virginia, Lt. Gov. Douglas Wilder becomes the first elected black governor in U.S. history.

    2006: The Democratic Party regains control of Congress for the first time in 12 years.:)
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    1799: American astronomer Andrew Ellicott Douglass witnesses the first meteor shower on record, the Leonids meteor shower, from a ship off the Florida Keys.

    1948: An international war crimes tribunal in Tokyo passes death sentences on seven Japanese military and government officials, including Gen. Tojo Hideki, who served as premier of Japan from 1941 to 1944.

    1971: President Richard Nixon proclaims the end of the U.S. offensive role in the Vietnam War and withdraws 45,000 troops.

    1980: Voyager I comes within 78,000 miles of Saturn.
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    1676: On Nantucket Island, located in the English colony of Massachusetts, local authorities hire William Bunker to establish the first prison in the America colonies.

    1907: Oklahoma becomes the 46th state of the United States.

    1933: The United States and USSR establish diplomatic ties.

    1946: The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), headquartered in Paris, comes into operation.

    2000: President Bill Clinton arrives in Hanoi to popular acclaim, becoming the first incumbent president to visit Vietnam since the Vietnam War.
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    1477: William Caxton publishes "Dictes or Sayengis of the Philosophres," the first book to be printed in England.

    1820: Capt. Nathaniel Palmer becomes the first American to sight the continent of Antarctica.

    1883: To facilitate railroad timetables, the United States and Canada adopt standard time.

    1963: The first push-button telephone goes into service.
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    1863: Fighting begins in the Battle of Chattanooga.

    1945: With the end of World War II, all rationing stops in the United States, with the exception of sugar. Food remains scarce everywhere else and the black market continues to exist throughout Europe.

    1973: Representative Yvonne Burke gives birth to a daughter, Autumn Roxanne Burke, becoming the first member of Congress to become a mother while in office.

    2001: Former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic is formally charged with the crime of genocide by the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal.
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    1782: A preliminary peace treaty between the American colonies and England is signed in Paris.

    1918: Denmark recognizes Iceland as an independent kingdom.

    1939: Russia invades Finland, beginning the Russo-Finnish War.

    1966: Britain grants independence to Barbados, a British crown colony in the West Indies.
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    1818: Illinois enters the Union as the 21st state.

    1833: Oberlin Collegiate Institute, the first college to enroll men and women on equal terms, opened in Oberlin, Ohio, with an enrollment of 29 men and 15 women.

    1935: Eleanor Roosevelt dedicates the first low-income housing project in New York City.

    1967: South African surgeon Christiaan Barnard performs the first heart transplant operation. The patient, Louis Washkansky, survives for 18 days.

    1984: A pesticide plant owned by a Union Carbide subsidiary in Bhopal, India, suffers a gas leak and, as a result, more than 3,800 people are killed.
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    1732: The Covent Garden Theatre opens in London, England.

    1787: Delaware is the first state to ratify the Constitution.

    1917: The United States declares war on Austria-Hungary.

    1941: The Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

    1972: Apollo 17, the sixth and last of the Apollo landing missions, is successfully launched from Cape Canaveral, Fla.
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    1256: Pope Alexander IV organizes Italian hermits independently following the rule of Saint Augustine into a single order, the Augustinian Hermits or Friars.

    1787: Pennsylvania joins the Union as the second state.

    1870: Joseph Hayne Rainey becomes the first black American sworn in to the House of Representatives.

    1899: The golf tee is patented.

    1901: The first trans-Atlantic radio transmission is received.

    1937: Japanese warplanes sink the U.S. gunboat Panay during the battle for Nanking, China, in the second Sino-Japanese War.

    1989: The United Nations adopts the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

    2000: The U.S. Supreme Court orders that there will be no more recounting of votes in Florida, a controversial decision that effectively gave the 2000 presidential election to George W. Bush.
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    1819: Alabama is the 22nd state to join the Union.

    1902: The cable ship Silverton begins laying the first trans-Pacific telegraph cable, which reaches from San Francisco to Honolulu.

    1911: Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen becomes the first person to reach the South Pole.

    1946: The United Nations General Assembly establishes permanent U.N. headquarters in New York City.

    1955: Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), Finland, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Laos, Libya, Nepal, Portugal, Romania, and Spain are admitted to the United Nations.
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    1893: The Hawaiian monarch Queen Liliuokalani abdicates the throne as pressure from white sugar planters and businessmen intensifies.

    1962: Chubby Checker tops the charts with "The Twist." :banana:

    1977: Gary Gilmore is the first person executed by firing squad in Utah when the ban on capital punishment is lifted.

    1991: Iraq launches seven SCUD missiles into Israel and Saudi Arabia after coalition forces began massive air strikes.

    1999: United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan recommends that the U.N. pull its peacekeeping forces out of Angola as civil war resumes.
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    January 20th, 2009

    Barack Obama becomes our 44th President,the nations first African American President.:beardbng::toast::clap::usa::dance:*party2**party*:crowd:
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    Happy Australia Day!

    01/26/1788 - Captain Arthur Phillip guides 11 convict ships from Brittan to New South Wales, effectively founding Australia. New South Wales was originally planned to be a penal colony.
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    Where's "Brittan?" :p

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