101 Things You Didn't Know About Me™


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101 Things You Didn't Know About Me™

For some reason, I felt like posting 101 details about my personal life since everyone knows so little about the other.

1. I thought about composing the this while I was in the shower.

2. I'm hoping that everyone else will write 101 things about themselves after seeing this.

3. I am absolutely addicted to motorcycles, boats and computers.

4. 50% of everything I make goes to a toy or piece of hardware I want to own.

5. I'm 29 years old on August 2.

6. I own a 126 foot yacht and had it before I turned 26 years old.

7. I'm never happy with what I have and always want something better even if I don't need it.

8. I have 4 jobs and still, I look for more. I can't stop working!

9. My mom died in March of this year.

10. My only son was born on October 8, 2002. My mom enjoyed him everyday for 6 months before she passed.

11. His name is Mano and it means several things: "Shark" in Hawaiian, "Hand" in Spanish, "Respect" in Filipino and "God is with us" in Latin.

12. His birthday is 2 days before my wife's.

13. My wife's name is Ina and she is one of the most beautiful people I know.

14. We're not really married but have been living together for more than 8 years.

15. Ina used to ride motorcycles with me but it saddens me that she doesn't anymore.

16. She liked 2-Stroke motorcycles like the Honda NSR250R PGM which isn't street legal in the US.

17. I have one toolbox and special tools for every hobby I have.

18. I clean my tools with gasoline while I smoke a cigarette... I've tried it, throwing a cigarette into an open pail of gasoline won't start a fire. The cigarette dies.

19. I get my haircut once a month at home by a professional.

20. As cheesy as it sounds, I love my son to death and would die for him in a heartbeat if I had to.

21. I upset my most important employer a moth ago and things aren't the same anymore. I screwed up and it was completely my fault.

22. Before I got my first job right after I turned 25, I partied harder than most movies have depicted for 7 years straight.

23. I am not as smart, fast or as healthy as I used to be.

24. I was in local competitive gymnastics for more than 10 years.

25. I was in local competitive badminton for 5 years.

26. Throughout highschool, I played varsity soccer as a sweeper and used to shave the sides of my head which worked very well in intimidating the opponent.

27. The moment I started partying, I quit every sport I was in.

28. I've never lifted weights!

29. I was richer when I was younger!

30. I don't like to travel internationally!

31. I travel a lot locally as long as I can get there by boat!

32. The furthest I've ever been from home is Hong Kong.

33. My dream job is to review speedboats and motorcycles for a major TV Show or magazine!

34. I have never appeared on TV for any reason at all.

35. I build computers for all my friends and never charge them.

36. 75% of my friends are women.

37. I fix and maintain all my friends motorcycles and never charge them.

38. My richest friend makes over US$100,000.00 a month and is very generous with everything he has.

39. He has a 7 bedroom house and lives alone.

40. He flies airplanes for fun and collects World War II planes.

41. My poorest friend is the one person I would do anything in the world for if she asked.

42. I support an orphan child who lives in a orphanage. I've never forgotten her birthday and never will.

43. I think all my wife's friends are HOT!

44. I almost never wear a shirt when I'm home.

45. I communicate with almost all my friends through mobile phone only.

46. I have close to 500 contacts on my mobile phone and I talk to most of them on a weekly basis.

47. Manual labor where I live is extremely cheap! I have my own driver, a 24/7 personal maid and a 24/7 nanny for my son and pay all of them about US$200 a month and I am very generous and they are all happy.

48. I am as polite as humanly possible with everyone around me and new people I meet.

49. I probably make less money than most of the people who are reading this but in the Philippines, I get much more value for every cent.

50. I pay all my bills on time and always pay the whole amount.

51. I have never bought anything through a financing plan.

52. I have never owned a brand new car, boat, bike or camera!

53. I don't install printers in any of the computers I build!

55. When people ask me to build a computer for them, I tell them that if they don't give me a US$1,500 or more budget, I cannot be blamed for anything that goes wrong with it.

56. I never build AMD systems.

57. This is the last party I was in: www.divetristar.com/frankie - Frankie lives across from me and I didn't need to drive to get to his house. I went in shorts and had to go home to change because I spilled a drink on myself.

58. Ina is throwing me a birthday party this Friday... she says she invited less than 30 people but I'm sure people I haven't seen in years will arrive.

59. For my birthday, I asked Ina to get me a 512MB Memory stick for my camera.

60. For my birthday, I am thinking about buying this bike that I saw for the first time last night even if I know I shouldn't get it:


61. I only wear Arai helmets. I will only wear Joe Rocket Gloves. I only use Adidas Rubber Shoes when riding and will only wear my kevlar jacket if it isn't too warm.

62. I hit 250KPH every night that I take my bike out for a spin and head down the highway.

63. I have never been caught for speeding!

64. I have never drank alcohol and gotten on a bike!

65. I have driven a car drunk but have never hurt myself or anyone else, EVER!

66. I've built an online picture album of my son which I truly believe all my relatives and friends love! It's found at www.mano.com.ph

67. I am proud that I'm now a father.

68. Ina tells me that she was put on this planet to be a mother!

69. Ina puts up with all my quirks and never gets upset that I am the way I am.

70. Ina and I used to fight and argue almost once a month. We haven't fought in close to 10 months!

71. Mano is turning 10 months on August 8.

72. Ina and I have an open relationship that works out well for both of us!

73. I was with Ina in an outdoor hot-tub, skinny dipping with two other women 6 hours before I asked Ina to marry me.

74. I asked Ina to marry me on a speedboat in the middle of the sea at 9:00 in the morning. She had no idea!

75. Instead of driving her back to the beach house where she thought we were going, I chartered my own yacht and had 26 of our closes friends waiting there for us with fireworks, balloons and streamers where we celebrated our engagement for 3 days straight! Here are pictures of that: www.divetristar.com/engage

76. I have been with more than one woman at one time more times than I can count and I say that everytime I get the chance.

77. I have never been to a concert that I enjoyed.

78. I don't like crowded places and absolutely hate it when people bump into me.

79. I have been smoking Marlboro Red's for more than 15 years now but cannot finish a pack in one day.

80. I consider myself an above average car driver and motorcycle rider but then again, most men my age do so too.

81. I do not read swells and tides well and I usually drive too fast in the water making my companions on the boat uncomfortable.

82. I can hold my breath for more than a minute but cannot do any of the stunts they do on Fear Factor.

83. I've never had the Jackass personality in me but the one thing I want to do is be strapped onto the front of a Top Fuel Dragster that will cover a quarter mile in less than 4 seconds.

84. My favorite form of racing is DRAG!

85. All my bikes have methanol mixed into their fuel tanks for hotter burns and quicker response.

86. All my bikes are capable of going from 0 - 200KPH in less than 10.5 seconds.

87. My favorite TV show is CSI and Ina's is Sex and the City.

88. If I had three wishes, they would be: 1. To live comfortably for the rest of my life. 2. Ensure my families safety, forever! 3. For everyone around me to be happy and problem free.

89. I have over 6,000 digital images of Mano on my hard drive that I started taking the day he was born. Those you see on the website is what I consider best.

90. I usually go to sleep at about 4:00AM and wake up at about 10:00AM. I never get as much sleep as I would like and feel guilty for waking up as late as I do already.

91. Mano almost never cries!

92. I'm not sure if I want more children but Ina and I think it's a waste if we don't have a girl because we think she will be absolutely adorable.

93. I will teach Mano to ride a little dirt bike as soon as he can balance on two wheels.

94. Ina will kill me if he gets hurt but will make sure he has all the protective gear anyway!

95. I don't own a gun and yet, I have several M16's, shotguns and 9MM's on the yacht which I have fired only once!

96. I don't think I compose letters and columns well and yet my job is to write all of the above.

97. I love the way Angie Everheart speaks!

98. Out of all the Bulletin Boards I've been on the web, I think OTCentral is the most closely knit community of them all.

99. I would love to meet each and every member of this board and if you all came to the Philippines at one time, I would host a party for everyone to enjoy.

100. I don't know why I am actually going to click on Submit New Thread after saying everything that I have.

101. I hope this thread doesn't offend anyone in any way!


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I just love all your pictures. I'm bookmarking them and I'll start on my own list soon enough. I don't think there's 101 things that these people *don't* know about me though. I'm pretty free with my personal info. :D


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101 Things You Didn't Know About the Flurffmeister™

1. I thought about composing this while I was eating a piece of pizza.

2. I'll be impressed if there are more replies actually listing 101 things than just saying "Holy shit, not another big quiz post!".

3. I am absolutely addicted to computers.

4. 50% of everything I make goes to a toy or piece of hardware I want to own.

5. I'm 18 years old.

6. I own a computer and a bank account that's currently in the red. :(

7. I'm never happy with what I have and always want something better even if I don't need it.

8. I need 4 jobs to buy everything I want to buy

9. Sorry to hear about your mom, Toolbox. [manhug]:hug:[/manhug] My mom lost the use of her fingers in April of this year, due to smoking.

10. I don't have any children and don't plan on having them.

11. Because I don't plan to get married, ever.

12. Because my mom and dad set a bad example for a marriage (they divorced after 16 years) and I don't think I would be a very good husband because of it.

13. My cat's name is Cindy and she is one of the most lazy cats I know.

14. She's really old, about 16 I think.

15. Cindy used to play with me (NOT that way, sick bastards) but it saddens me that she doesn't anymore. She just kind of either eats, shits, or lays around and sleeps.

16. She's a Tabby cat and has white strips under her eyes where it looks like her tears washed away the black that she has everywhere else except the underside of her body and her neck and chin.

17. I have no toolboxes, I just grab whatever's handy for what I need to do at the time.

18. I hate cigarettes.

19. I drive to a haircut shop to get my hair cut once every few months.

20. I often find myself doing things for everyone else that I wouldn't do for myself. Some may say I'm too much of a giver.

21. I don't have an employer to upset at the moment.

22. Before I got my first job when I was 17, I pretty much was the same way as I am now.

23. I am not as smart, fast or as healthy as I should be.

24. I was in local competitive wrestling team for about 2 months.

25. I was the first to be cut.

26. Throughout highschool, I played Quake 3.

27. The moment I realized I sucked at it and would never get better, I quit playing it so much.

28. I've lifted weights

29. I was richer when I had a job

30. I don't like to travel much

31. Yet I travel a lot locally, usually doing something for my mom, my cousin, or my brothers.

32. The furthest I've ever been from home is Canada.

33. My dream job is to repair computers and write PHP programs and is a short drive from home.

34. I have never appeared on TV for any reason at all.

35. I live on the money I get from building/fixing/teaching people about computers. Then I usually end up loaning it out to my mom or my cousin. Sometimes I get it back, sometimes I don't. Either way is fine with me though.

36. I don't have friends in real life. My friends are right here on the net.

37. I don't know anyone who has a motorcycle except for Toolbox.

38. Holy shit $100,000 a month is a lot of money.

39. I want to live alone.

40. I don't want to fly an airplane. I might ride one but I don't think I'd have the balls to fly one.

41. My poorest friend is myself.

42. I forget birthdays a lot. Sometimes even my own. I had to find out from looking at the calendar on OTC that I had a birthday coming up.

43. I'm pathetic, aren't I?

44. I always wear a shirt.

45. I don't have a land line and thus can only use a mobile phone.

46. I have a few dozen contacts on my phone, with room for 300 total.

47. My puter labor ain't cheap. $20/hr for new contacts, $10/hr for friends, family, or repeat customers.

48. I don't meet many new people. I don't talk much. Maybe they go hand in hand.

49. I probably make less money than most of the people who are reading this.

50. I'd pay all my bills on time if I had any money to. Then again it would also help if I stop being so gullible thinking that anything that claims it's free is really free.

51. I have never bought anything through a financing plan.

52. I have never owned anything brand new that wasn't a food product.

53. I install printers only in my computers. Printers do not like me.

55. When people ask me to build a computer for them, I tell them that I cannot be blamed for anything that goes wrong with it.

56. I never build Intel systems.

57. I haven't gone to any parties, at all. Ever.

58. My birthday party was spent in pain because I had just recently gotten 5 teeth yanked.

59. For my birthday, I usually don't ask for anything but get money regardless.

60. Whenever I get money from a birthday or christmas, I usually spend it on a piece of computer hardware.

61. I don't wear helmets, but I do have weighted wrist/ankle bands

62. I don't go any faster than 75mph. Ever.

63. I have never been caught for speeding.

64. I have never drank alcohol and gotten in the driver seat of any vehicle. I rarely drink alcohol anyway.

65. I have never driven a car drunk and I despise anyone who does and is proud of it or thinks they can't hurt anyone while doing it.

66. I've seen Mano's picture album. Cute little fucker. :D

67. I am never going to be a father.

68. I was put on this planet to suffer and make miserable myself and anyone who dares get close to me.

69. Sure! :brow:

70. I used to argue with my mom every day. Ever since I moved out, we haven't done so once.

71. She's going on 50.5, so I figure reducing the stress I cause her will help her out a lot more than it would help me out. I don't even have my first grey hair yet. *knock on wood*

72. But now she wants me to get in the middle of this wedding that my dad and his girlfriend are doing next year and basically now I either betray my mom or prevent my dad from being happy. Yay me! :retard5:

73. I've never skinny dipped.

74. I've never been on a speed boat. I've been on a pretty fast one but it wasn't built for speed.

75. That was the most awesomest real-life engagement I've ever heard of, Toolbox. :beerbang:

76. If I was ever with a woman, I wish I had the opportunity to be with more than one woman at one time so I could turn it down and have the woman I'm with dump me for being nuts to not take up the other woman on the opportunity so I can stay alone.

77. I have never been to a concert.

78. I don't like crowded places and absolutely hate it when people bump into me.

79. See 18.

80. I consider myself an above average car driver, but then again, most men my age do so too.

81. I don't drive boats.

82. I can hold my breath for about 30 seconds.

83. I hate Jackass.

84. My favorite form of racing is my heartbeat racing.

85. I don't have any bikes.

86. My car is capable of going from 0 to 60 miles per hour as slow as I damn well please to save from burning 2 gallons of gas in favor of getting there 30 seconds sooner.

87. I don't watch TV much, but my favorite shows are Comedy Central Presents and Whose Line is it Anyway.

88. If I had three wishes, they would be: 1. Ensure my families safety, forever! 2. For everyone around me to be happy and problem free. 3. For enough money to get away with getting the stuff that I need, the stuff that will help me do my job better, and enough to save up for a computer upgrade every once in a while.

89. I don't have a digital camera.

90. Sleep? Huh? Oh, that thing that I try to do at night.

91. My youngest brother doesn't cry a lot. My older younger brother cries at the drop of a hat. Last night he cried because I separated him from the other one because they were fighting instead of going to sleep.

92. I don't want children.

93. Because my little brothers have discouraged me from having any.

94. They kill each other.

95. I don't own a gun, but I have shot some before. My ears rang for 20 minutes after I did.

96. I don't think I compose letters and columns well.

97. I don't know anyone whose way of speaking I love. But I think Canadian accents are aboot the coolest, eh?

98. I wish some people on OTC would stop hating each other for no reason, then we'd be an even better community.

99. If I ever get a big house, I'm inviting y'all to come over and have a good time, but I'm taking your keys if you're gonna drink. :beerbang:

100. I don't know why I am actually going to click on Submit Reply after saying everything that I have.

101. I hope this reply doesn't offend anyone in any way, because I offend enough already with the incessant leg humping I do.


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I'm bored, so I'll bite.

101 Things You Didn't Know About Me™
As originally posted by Toolbox, edited for Rose

1. I'm currently sitting in my office.

2. I've read Toolbox's 101 things and Fury's 101 things in full so far.

3. I am absolutely addicted to computers, my cat, Charmed, and laughter.

4. I spent too much on clothing and I still can't find anything to wear.

5. I'm 23 years old.

6. My birthday is New Years Day.

7. I try not to be materialistic, but I still spend too much on clothing.

8. I am currently employed as a Membership Director of a private Golf & Country Club in NE Oklahoma.

9. Both of my parents are still happily married after 25ish years.

10. I have no children.

11. I have a cat named Mary Jane, got her fresh out of college.

12. My husband's birthday is Halloween.

13. The last guy I dated before I got married also had a Halloween birthday.

14. I've been married 1 year, 2 months, and 5ish days.

15. I have travelled half way across the country (Oklahoma to California) on motorcycle when I was in sixth grade.

16. My parents sold their motorcycles when I was in seventh grade and I've been sad since.

17. I have a toolbox for the house and a toolbox for the computer.

18. I do not clean my tools.

19. I am always in need of a haircut and hate paying $20+ just to have my hair washed, trimmed and dryed.

20. My cat is the most important being in my life.

21. I have a nice boss who pokes fun at me.

22. I have never been a partying type. 'Cept the short time in college ...

23. I am not as smart as I used to be nor as healthy as I would like to be. But I'm working on both.

24. I was a cheerleader for six years in junior high and high school.

25. I graduated with a senior class of 21 (myself included). I went to school in a one-building school that housed Kindergarten through 12th grade, all of about 450 students and faculty.

26. I played basketball in sixth grade and hated it.

27. I don't care to watch sports on television.

28. I care even less to participate in sports.

29. I'm not as rich as I would like to be, nor am I as poor as I think I am.

30. The furthest away from home I've been is Nassau, Bahamas.

31. On average I rarely go farther than 10 miles from my home (here in town).

32. I like smurfs.

33. My dream job is to interpret for Deaf people or teach children Sign Language.

34. I have sat on our tv while eating dinner before.

35. I graduated top in my class at Vo-Tech for Computer Information Systems.

36. I have four "real life" friends. I live with two of them and work with one of them.

37. I get annoyed at my husband much easier than I should..

38. I am my richest friend, which is sad.

39. I share a two bedroom, two bathroom home with my husband, roommate, and cat.

40. I have flown in a plane painted like Shamu the Whale.

41. My poorest friend is a guy who knows he's poor and has learned a lot from it.

42. I don't like children in general and believe that parents aren't held responsible for their children's actions often enough.

43. I am beginning to be comfortable with myself and happy with my overall appearance.

44. I like the philosophy "no shirt, no shoes, no problem".

45. I have big feet ('farm feet' we say).

46. 99% of all my text messages go to my friend George.

47. I envy Toolbox's cheap labor where he lives. ;)

48. I am too polite at work.

49. I make a decent living.

50. I pay all my bills as close to on time as I can when I don't forget to send them in.

51. I think 101 things is much too many things to talk about in one post.

52. I finally got a new car after my Grand Am was pronounced dead.

53. After two hours of labor and $15 worth in parts, my dad got the Grand Am running again and mom's been driving it ever since.

55. My favorite color is probably pink. But red is very nice, too.

56. I have never successfully built a computer because I'm always afraid I'll do something wrong. All that training ... for nothing.

57. I went to college for five semesters in Computer Systems Technology before realizing that computers aren't so much my friend.

58. My first computer was a Commodore 64 - dad brought it home when I was in kindergarten and I still remember the box.

59. Both of my parents have served in the US Air Force, my father recently retired from the USAF.

60. My sister currently serves in the USAF and recently added a new stripe to her sleeve - Senior Airman!

61. I want a JEEP so bad I can taste it.

62. I have never driven faster than about 90 mph.

63. I have never been given a ticket.

64. I have been pulled over for failing to come to a complete stop after partying a bit with a friend. I'd had a couple beers and a couple bong hits.

65. I do not condone driving under the influence and recognize that while I've done it before I have no intentions of doing it again.

66. I take way too many pictures of my cat.

67. I am depressed but haven't come quite fully to terms with it yet. But I'm getting close.

68. I have no reason to be unhappy in life.

69. My husband does more for me than I realize and sometimes I take this for granted.

70. My husband's name is Dustin.

71. I have one half-brother and one sister.

72. I didn't meet my brother until I was 15 and he was 23.

73. My brother was put up for adoption at age 6 months (there were circumstances, okay?). My mom reunited with him when he was 23.

74. I can't recall how I was proposed to.

75. Dustin and I were married on the beach in Nassau with no friends or family present. We woke up, ate breakfast, swam in the ocean a bit, went by the bar for a few drinks, and then headed to the beach for the 'ceremony'.

76. "Carl" was the name of the guy who performed the ceremony. Big black guy wearing a suit and a colorful robe over it - I know he must have been melting in all that!

77. I have fallen asleep in the middle of a Willie Nelson concert because the smoke stung my eyes too much.

78. I don't like people.

79. I started smoking at age 16 with Salems. I smoked on and off for 4 years.

80. I haven't smoked cigarettes in years now and the mere smell of second hand smoke makes my tummy queasy.

81. I have never driven a boat.

82. I enjoy watching Fear Factor with my roommate because he squeals almost as much as I do when it comes to that show.

83. I don't think it's right the guys on Jackass get paid for what they do. I think the name should be changed to "Dumbass"

84. I enjoy the Saturday Night races - the boys go to the races and I get to stay home alone.

85. I feed my car the cheapest gas available.

86. I am a very indecisive person.

87. My favorite TV shows are Charmed and Simpsons.

88. I could never happily choose just three wishes. See #86.

89. I loathe daytime television shows (soaps and talk shows).

90. I am habitually late for work by 10 minutes or so.

91. I cry easily.

92. I want one child by the time I'm 26 and plan to only have the one child. Not more.

93. I'll be damned if my child rides a motorcycle without my consent.

94. I think this is way too long of a list to fill out, and I'm a list person. Oh, I like lists.

95. I keep a pistol under the bed.

96. I believe people kill people, not guns.

97. I love the voice of Garrison Keillor (A Prairie Home Companion, Writer's Almanac)!

98. I'm a member of at least 20 message boards online, and OTC is my favorite one already!

99. I'm addicted to online chatting.

100. I'm comfortable enough to say my weight out loud, something many women will not do.

101. If I ever offend you, then perhaps you need to be offended.

Gosh, that wasn't quite so hard.


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100 things about me.

1) I am a member at OTC

2) This is the second best forum i am a member at

3) *Info # 3 to 99 is quite pointless and boring to gawk through*

100) I get in trouble around here.


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I didn't think Toolbox meant for us to follow his 101's so I'm going to make up my own. I don't think I'll be able to get to 101 though...

1. My kindergarden teacher thought I was retarded because I was so quiet

2. I have a brother I don't talk about because he's a fuckup and I want nothing to do with him.

3. My nickname to my siblings growing up was "ski-slope nose"

4. I once got a stick lodged in my eye

5. I always had a stuffed animal as a child. One was a unicorn that I used to play with and ride like a horse. One day while playing, I became self-aware and learned what masturbation was. :eek:

6. I don't think I look good in hats but I keep trying to wear them.

7. Besides green, my second favorite color is purple.

8. I didn't feel love for my father until I was about 25.

9. My father taught me to shoot a gun at age 9.

10. As a child, I preferred reading books rather than playing with other kids.

11. I don't wear jewelry except for a watch.

12. My second toe is longer than my big toe.

13. My first car was a 1982 GMC Jimmy. It was a POS but damn, I loved it.

14. I haven't borrowed more than about $3000. from my parents since I was 17, even for school.

15. One of my friends killed himself one block away from my ambulance corps while I was on duty. If only I had known that that's where all the cops were going to, I might have been able to talk to him during the stand-off.

16. My father killed a child on a bicycle while driving drunk.

17. I don't drink and drive and also detest anyone who thinks it's ok to do so.

18. I had a freckle on the tip of my nose as a baby. As I grew, the freckle travelled up my nose till it dissappeared in my forehead.

19. My family's initials all stand for something else. FD-Fire Department, MD-Medical Doctor, RD-Road, PD-Police Department.

20. I was angry with my grandmother the night she died. When I heard she had a heart attack, I thought she died of a broken heart because of me.

21. I never knew my grandfathers.

22. My best friend is the richest person I know. She has many friends and family that love her and would do anything for her and two amazing sons. She has always struggled with money.

23. 10 years ago, I would have called at least 15 people friends. Now that I really know what true friends are, I know I only have two.

24. My Aunt Marianne is in IT and whenever we have family gatherings, she and I always sit in a corner and b.s. about computers.

25. I had been drinking regularly for 5 years before I became legal age to do so.

26. I don't regret what I've done in my youth but I know how much of it was stupid.

27. Rusty and I don't want kids, ever.

28. Rusty and I do want a yellow lab named Emma, a black lab named Juniper and a brown lab named Morgan. We also want a Weimeraner and want to adopt an older dog.

29. Besides caffeine, tobacco and alcohol, I've never taken recreational drugs.

30. I fell off my bicycle when I was young and cracked all my front teeth. I've had extensive dental work done over the years.

31. I'm 31 on August 7th.

32. I get my hair cut at a Super Cuts down the block when I feel the need. It's been at least 6 months since I last went. I don't care if they mess it up because it's only hair-it grows back.

33. I've never broken a bone.

34. My favorite nephew is my Godson DJ. He's a really sweet and sensitive kid who likes to tell stories about everything. I'm the only one who *always* listens to everything he says.

35. Besides running track for a short time, I never played a sport or an instrument in school.

36. I've had two secret admirers in my life. One wound up being my "first" and the other I didn't go out with.

37. I used to own a CB and my handle was "Jammin Jades" :D But I could only go on the CB after my neighbors next door shut off their tv otherwise it caused interference and they could hear everything I was saying coming from their tv. So I became known as "Midnight Mama" instead.

38. I've never been off the east coast of the US.

39. I've never lived more than 13 miles from the ocean.

40. I've never had a tan.

41. My aunt's dog Shotzie attacked me when I was 8. I have scars on the backs of my legs from him.

42. I had a dog when I was a kid that wasn't fixed and used to run away all the time. One day he didn't come back and after a month, we stopped looking. He showed up a year later. He had been living with a family less than 2 miles from my house the whole time.

43. I've only had one car accident but my car went on fire and was totalled. The girl in the other car was in physical therapy for 8 months afterwards.

44. I'm claustrophobic.

45. I'm dyslexic

46. I've always wanted a menage au trois but never had one. I approached one guy and his friend but they thought it would be weird having it with two guys.

47. The second time I discussed a menage au trois was with a guy I had a crush on for many years. He wanted to have a foursome with me and another couple. We went so far as to set a date when I met Rusty. Never went through with it.

48. I went out with a guy who had two bisexual encounters in the past. I knew it before I went out with him and was fine with it.

49. I've pronounced people dead but have never delivered a baby.

50. I go to bed at 10pm every night with few exceptions. It's already 1/2 past so I'm stopping here. If I can think of anything else, I'll post tomorrow.


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Toolbox™ said:
83. I've never had the Jackass personality in me but the one thing I want to do is be strapped onto the front of a Top Fuel Dragster that will cover a quarter mile in less than 4 seconds.

Far out, man. :bgtup:


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Whew, 101 is a lot of things, but here goes.

1. I'm only 16.

2. Even though I complain about pop music, I'm an avid Hanson fan.

3. I'm a pseudo goth.

4. I'm madly in love with my puppy.

5. Her name is Sugar and she's not really a puppy. She's almost two years old.

6. I will read just about anything I can get my hands on.

7. I've never done drugs.

8. I've only drank once, and it shouldn't even be counted. I shared a "Fuzzy Navel" with two other friends.

9. I'm addicted to the internet.

10. I'm a member of too many boards to count, and they're all "Charmed" related except this one.

11. I feel naked if I'm not wearing my watch at all times.

12. I have an arm full of "crack" bracelets.

13. I'm an extremely organized person.

14. My toenails are painted black.

15. I have a "crush" on Rose McGowan.

16. I regularly watch the Disney Channel.

17. I'm probably the only person in my entire school who doesn't own a cell phone.

18. I'm probably the only person with a drivers license in my school who doesn't have a car.

19. Pink is the color of goddesses, but I deny the fact that I like it.

20. When I was a baby, I went crazy over a pair of red tennis shoes, which I still have in my possesion.

21. I've always wanted to call Japan and order a pizza.

22. I'm legally blind without glasses or contacts.

23. I don't wear shorts.

24. I'm trying to grow my hair out to the length of Holly Marie Combs's because it's about the same thickness and I'm in love with her hair.

25. I hate writing poetry.

26. Writing fanfiction is a guilty pleasure of mine, but I rarely ever share it.

27. I rarely ever share any of my drawings, either.

28. I loathe the show "Law and Order" just because of the opening theme song.

29. The Osbournes make me feel better about my family.

30. I hate my dad, even though I really have no reason to do so.

31. I once dyed my hair a maroon-ish color.

32. I'm still a virgin.

33. I've spent over 170 hours on only one message board.

34. I love to call George W. "Little Bushy."

35. I rarely watch sports, but I can't pass up a good Dallas vs. Washington football game.

36. I'd rather drink juice than any other drink.

37. I've a copy of "How Soon is Now" by both Love Spit Love and t.A.T.u. even though I've got them on CD.

38. I secretly like Britney Spears.

39. Alyssa Milano makes me want to vomit.

40. When I was in first grade my favorite t-shirt was of Catwoman.

41. My favorite movie is "Bring it on!"

42. I've never watched an entire episode of "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer" in my life.

43. I have Harry Potter bedsheets and pillow cases. Heh, I'm a dork.

44. My favorite person in the world is my mom.

45. I have a secret pleasure of reading Billy Shakespeare's works.

46. I'm really not as stupid as I act.

47. I'm not as immature as I act, either.

48. I'm obsessed with the TV show "Charmed."

49. I bite my fingernails when I'm nervous.

50. I'm actually a really shy person.

51. I love Kelly Clarkson for all she's worth, which, in my opinion, is a whole lot!

52. I'm obsessed with my Paint Shop Pro 7.

53. I used to work at a movie theatre.

54. It amuses me to no end to see my telephone on TV when one of the "Charmed Ones" is on the phone.

55. I host about 10 sites on my domain.

56. I have a prepaid credit card that my parents got me for my birthday.

57. I've had one birthday that I can remember on Friday the 13th.

58. My favorite kind of ice cream is Moose Tracks.

59. I can't wait to go back to school.

60. My two best friends are bisexual/homosexual.

61. I competed in the state FBLA conference this school year.

62. I placed second in the state in Keyboarding Applications.

63. The furthest I've ever been was to Florida, which was a twelve hour drive/30 minute flight.

64. When I was in fifth grade, I played the clarinet.

65. I have one sister, but four step sisters and two step brothers.

66. I hate family gatherings.

67. I own a "Dragon Ball Z" wall clock.

68. I own a "Charmed" lightswitch plate cover.

69. I actually looked into buying the "Charmed" bed sheets.

70. The only thing I do online other than visit "Charmed"-related websites is come here and chat with other "Charmed"-obsessed dorks.

71. My dog just farted. Heh, thought that was a good one. But it wasn't my puppy, it was the other one.

72. My puppy is asleep in my lap. She's small enough, though, as she's part chiouaua, part pekingnese.

73. I only found out what a "brothel" was about two days ago.

74. I'm extremely naive for my age since I've lived in a town where the high school consists of about 250 students.

75. I think that talking behind peoples' backs is stupid, because it's only going to get back to them anyway.

76. I hate scary movies.

77. I once had nightmares for a week after watching "The Craft" when I was 13.

78. For some reason, I seem to attract annoying teenyboppers who can't speak proper English and always type in "kewl" talk.

79. My fingernails are rarely ever painted.

80. I plan to become a psychologist when I grow up, if I ever grow up.

81. I plan to go to college and room with my best gay friend.

82. Lucky Charms is the breakfast of champions.

83. I still haven't gotten my copy of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."

84. My grandfather is straight from Italy.

85. My mom was born in New York.

86. Once when I went on a field trip to Jamestown, Virginia, I got lost from the tour group.

87. I've been to two real cases in court.

88. I have an extremely dry sense of humor.

89. I've been taking French for three years and I can barely carry on a conversation, if I can even manage to do that.

90. My brain hurts.

91. I turned in a paper when I was in kindergarten that showed how I could count from 1 to 100 by twos.

92. I'm actually a relatively slow typer: My fastest measured speed is about 96 gwam.

93. Bad spelling irks me like nothing else.

94. I'm really thirsty.

95. I have problems in being a social person and people often think I'm depressed because I don't talk much, when in reality, it's because I don't want to talk to them.

96. I have a friend who moved to my town from Siberia.

97. I'm in the Advanced Choir at my school.

98. I rarely ever go to church, though I am a Christian.

99. I've looked into being a Wiccan.

100. I think my sister is really adopted.

101. I thought this was a really long list and my arms hurt. Badly.



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*bookmarks the "Frankie's birthday party" page*

:rfap: :rfap:

Edit - Jesus H Christ! That girl in image 6... :eek2: :love:


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Eh...I'm bored.

1. i have a beautiful little girl who is almost 5
2. i was married for two and a half years
3. i sometimes I talk like a vally girl
4. i love to dance
5. i was run over by a chevy in sept.
6. i like tall skinny boys
7. I am very bi-sexual...love has no gender although I am VERY loyal to my mate
8. I am unemployd right now
9. i am a cancer
10. i love the color silver
11. i love water
12. diet pepsi rules as does code red
13. 13 is my lucky number
14. i was sposed to be on a plane that crashed in the ocean
15. i like country music
16. i spend way too much time on the computer
17. i spanked my friend Gary with a looney tunes paddle in the Elitches Six Flags gift shop
18. I LOVE the Misfits and have touched Jerry Only
19. i had both nipples pierced, only one now
20. i like celine dion
21. i hate Leonardo DiCrapio
22. i live in littleton CO
23. I went to columbine and yes I knew both Eric and Dylan
24. I don't cry in public
25. I have a crush on a cute goth boi
26. I graduated from an alternative school
27. i have no sleeping pattern
28. i hate mormons
29. i hate russians too
30. I am obsessed with prince albert piercings
31. I have alleopica (sp?)
32. i had a bit of a drug problem once upon a time
33. i am going to law school
34. i hate utah and everything about utah
35. my grand daddy is the most talented man on this earth and I love him dearly
36. i cannot even pretend to deal with html
37. i am hypoglycemic (sp?)
38. I love tori amos
39. i am a very nurturing person and people walk all over me a lot
40. i was almost hit by lightning as a kid and now it scared the shit out of me
41. i have princess in chinese tattoo on my foot
42. i was apart of the Debbie Gibson Fan club in elementary school
43. i was forced to sit through bette midler in concert
44. I love twinkies...those and nachos are my weakness
45. i have had my tounge pierced for 7 years
46. i have gained over 30 pounds since my accident
47. i love to ride horses
48. i talk to trees and even hug them...for real
49. i have about 30 pair of shoes. I used to have more than twice that many
50. I was a stripper for one night...very interesting
51. I want to go back to Vegas SO bad
52. i am 23 years old
53. i have a banana crayon
54. i am obsessed with those silly nana smilies
55. i am a misanthrope...bigtime
56. i love smelly soaps and body washes and I refuse to use regular soap
57. I am a starbucks snob
58. I once kicked a 7-11 cup home from the bar when a friend and I *stumbled* home from a bar
59. I once walked over 7 miles as i decided to hang out with a bunch of fuckheads
60. i never really had an actual family when I needed one
61. I love to cook
62. i love to scrapbook! It rules!!
63. I was the vice president briefly of Ash's dork club
64. I have shiny adidas shoes that I love as i am amused by shiny objects
65. My Power Puff Girl luch box was infested with sugar today
66. I have a tattoo that was bought for me as a present that reminds me why I never trust people
67. My favorite movie of all time is Dead Alive
68. I know all the words to Baby Got Back
69. i want to make love on the beach sometime...with a blanket of course
70. i love accessories...cool socks, tights, braclets, cuffs, arm warmers etc...
71. i love the mountains and hiking and stuff
72. it is really hard to think of 101 random things about myself...
73. i have never understood internet relationships but am not sure I want them explained
74. I tried phone sex once and it was really dumb
75. i used to hate things between my toes and it took me 21 years to to wear thong sandles
76. I hate brief panties, they bug me
77. I think speedos should be discontinued and never ever worn by men...ever!
78. If I could have a super power...I would want to fly or read people's thoughts..that would be cool.
79. I have tears in my ACL right now
80. I have to sleep with some kind of sheet or blanket, even in 100 degree weather
81. I have a stuffed teddy bear on my bed that wears a zombie mask
82. My bed is only mine cause my ex bf didn't have a truck to pick it up when he walked out on me
83. my ex girlfriend went psycho on me and even tried to set me up with her brother before she moved out of the state
84. my little "gangsta" name in high school was Squeakie and also Lil Shit
85. I am very ticklish
86. I think the octopus is the most facsinating creature
87. I think my sister was spawn of satan
88. i have a scar on my left inner elbow from trying to hold up a drunk girl while I was drunk too..memories
89. I wear a padded bra
90. most of my sayings come from movies or bumper stickers
91. I often sound like a Hallmarkcard and was even named "The walking Halmark card"
92. My favorite nickname that was given to me was "Girlfriend Fauker"
93. I was in love once, but not sure if I want to believe in it anymore
94. i hate tomatos
95. I got alchie posioning from Jack Daniels once...cannot even smell whiskey now
96. I will always hold a special place in my heart for a certain boy that broke it
97. i love to work out when I am not broken
98. i scrunch my nose up sometimes when I laugh and talk and people love to point it out
99. i don't like pizza usualy
100. i was in competitive speech and debate for almost 4 years
101. and the most important thing...I would rather be hated for who i am than loved for who i am not