101 Things You Didn't Know About Me™


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Here we go then, a little about me.

1. I am happily single (ish)

2. My longest relationship was 4 years

3. The shortest relationship was prolly about 20 mins

4. I have no kids

5. Got no siblings either

6. I'm lucky enough to be good friends with my parents

7. I have two cars (one of which is in a bad state of repair)

8. I hate driving

9. The only pets I have are two cats (Tigger and Nickedemus)

10. I adopted the cats from a rescue center when they were 8 months old

11. I thought that cats only lived for 5-6 yrs, I was wrong

12. My drink of choice is any dark beer

13. My food of choice is anything except parsnips and celery

14. The furthest I have travelled is Greece

15. I have never flown in a plane

16. Occasionally I attempt to produce a tune on my guitar

17. I life weights and cycle for exercise

18. I smoke too much

19. I can't swim

20. I'm a Brit but my family originates in Scotland and Ireland

21. I can barely understand some of my Scots relations because of their broad accent

22. I have no piercings

23. I have one tattoo on my left upper arm

24. I'm planning on more tattoos but cannot find designs that really catch my eye, yet

25. I need surgery to fix my broken nose

26. I've been avoiding going for surgery on my nose for the last couple of years

27. I started bleaching/dying my hair when I was a teenager

28. These days I dye my hair to hide the grey

29. The best job I ever had was when I was self employed selling books

30. The worst job I ever had is the current one

31. I think it's high time I won the lottery and joined the lifestyle of the rich and famous

32. My favourite place on earth is Keswick in Cumbria

33. Although there are plenty of places I have yet to visit

34. Occasoinally friends tell me that I don't take life seriously enough

35. I have no intention of taking life seriously

36. One day I would like to be a father

37. I don't intend being a father for at least another ten years

38. I'm moving house in the next couple of weeks

39. I think houses should be provided free by the government

40. I'm not gonna hold my breath waiting for it to happen tho'

41. I can hold my breath for 1 min 7 seconds

42. I've tried to quit smoking three times this year

43. My willpower leaves a lot to be desired

44. My favourite authors are Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

45. Favourite music band are The Levellers

46. Although I think the White Stripes are doing some fantastic music at the moment

47. 90% of chart music bores me

48. I'm worried that this is a sign I'm getting old

49. The last concert I went to was Robbie Williams at Knebworth

50. That was the last time I was on television

51. The only other time I've been on television was when I was in town and walked behind a news reporter

52. A life of fame seems to have bypassed me

53. I have never been arrested

54. I have slept the night in a police cell (sleeping off the booze)

55. I have never drank and drove

56. I have enough trouble drinking and walking, driving is out of the question

57. I type at 80 wpm

58. I have yet to master the art of typing accurately

59. I have never participated in a menage a trois

60. I have only been invited to join in three in a bed fun once

61. The invitation was made by a swinging couple I met in a chatroom

62. I talk to too many strange people in chatrooms

63. The strangest place I have ever woken is in a strange bedroom, on the ceiling was painted a huge black crucifix

64. The bed was owned by a girl named Diana

65. Her taste in interior decorating left something to be desired

66. Although she was a very nice person

67. That was the last time I drank pernod and blackcurrent tho'

68. I have never been involved in a car crash

69. I've fallen off motorbikes a couple of times

70. Fallen from a horse as well

71. I walked out of school, never to return, when I was 14

72. I didn't return to full time education until I was 21

73. That was a damned good seven years!

74. I studied at Nottingham University

75. I've been a student with the Open University for the last four years

76. I spent a year teaching computing to mentally/physically disabled people

77. It was much harder work than I thought it would be

78. Especially trying to teach people with short-term memory loss

79. One day I'd like to return to teaching, but not yet

80. In the last 14 yrs I've had 17 different jobs

81. I'm not exactly career motivated

82. I've taken most drugs (barring suicide drugs like crack etc) but I got bored with them

83. I havn't taken any chemical drugs for over three years

84. I have a phobia of clowns

85. People describe as being an extrovert

86. I can't remember any time that I've particularly nervous

87. Except the night I lost my virginity

88. I don't sleep much, usually 1-2 hours a day

89. I have a toolbox

90. I'ts actually my fathers toolbox, he seems to have forgotten that I've borrowed it

91. I left home when I was seventeen

92. I know people who are older than me that still live with their parents

93. I don't watch much television

94. I constantly listen to music

95. And spend too much time at the computer

96. The people closest to me are my best friend and her three kids

97. I've been in love once in my life

98. Tomorrow I plan to go to the beach

99. Thank wotever there is only one more to go

100. This seemed like a much better idea half an hour ago


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k here are some of mine

1)i wear pants almost all the time
2)i love anime and my favourites are Rounoui Kenshin and Flame of Recca
3)i have 4 tats now
4)my best friend is Russian and his family as well as him take a lot of pride in teaching me the language and customs
5)i think of a former co-worker as a spiritual mom who loves me tho im wiccan and she is christian she sees me as a son and loves me nonetheless.
6)my real mom is one of my best friends
7)dad got me into cheesy horror movies
8)my sister got married in Alaska :)
9)my parents are still married after 34 years
10)i have chosen to give up sex until i meet the right girl. no more one night stands. ever.
11)my fave bands are Marilyn Manson,Tool and older NIN
12)i like love ballads
13)i love poetry.
14)i still love my ex
15)i have been to many concerts
16)i miss my hometown of Rockville
17)i have been listening mostly to love songs while ive been posting
18)my dog is really old but shes still our puppy but shes 15 i think now.
19)final fantasy 7/8 are tied as my favourite game of all time
20)i just got Silent Hill 3
21)i prefer real life to online
22)i already miss my friends from campus but i will make sure to keep in touch with them
23)i loved my HS
24my favourite tacher is Linda Nunn i loved her and still do. shes also in a way kind of a mother.
25)though im usually goth looking and tatted my parents look conservative
26)i wear a belt around my neck sometimes if i remember to put it on before we go out.
27)my friend Pat got me into the King of Fighters im now a fan of a character named Iori Yagami. and Kyo Kusanagi.
28)im a fan of Bettie Page and Dita Von Teese
29)i loved playing Plague and Pestilence with my friends.
30)i dont always use caps :p
31)i love my neighbours they are why i came to like Frederick
32)ive met the lead singer and guitarist of Gidhead and they were awesome.
33)ive been a fan of Godhead since HS and they are from DC
34)i found out about this site after i found out about jjr512 from Vampire Queen :)
35)i have an ad on gothic personals
36)i tend not to view myself in a positive manner though i seem to be alone in that
37)my last job was at Wal Mart.i have missed it since i left and they didnt want me to leave them
38)im a fan of Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash
39)i am very protective of my friends
40)i sometimes paint my nails and wear lipstick
41)i have some stuffed animals in my room
42)i love the area in NC where my parents own a timeshare
43)the school im going to isnt too far from that area :)
44)i tend to go after girls that arent considered goth
45)most of my friends in college werent goth
46)my avatar is called evil
47)i joke about being evil myself
48)i like pen and paper rogs
49)i love REM and Tears for Fears
50)im a fan of Cradle of Filth and Fear Factory
51)i like all kinds of music
52)i love warm weather
53)i have very poofy hair
54)my s/n was a joke
55)in real life o prefer to be called Eric though ill respond to Smythers
56)my nickname is Smythers
57)my sig has a link to a site my friends own
58)they are some of my best friends from school
59)im a fan of HP Lovecraft
60)i go to church sometimes on sunday for Jennie(my spiritual mother) adn her husband Joe
61)i prefer the company of women
62)im trying to cut back or even quit my drinking
63)i havent had a cig in a year and a half going on a year and seven months
64)i drank and got stoned in HS but dont want to anymore
65)i love nighttime
66)i like love stories
67)i like to think of myself as being romantic
68)i tend to be shy around new people
69)sure ill do that with a nice girl
70)your jsut jealous the voices talk to me :p
71)i have a strange sense of humour
72)i dont like Korn as much as i used to
73)im a fan of Gwar
74)im also a fan of Type O negative
75)i own the Final Fantasy 8 soundtrack
76)i had to download Eyes on me tho :eh:
77)i was a metallica fan before Load came out
78)im still a fan of Megadeth
79)i believe in ghosts
80)i tend not to smile in my pics
81)this taking too much time
82)im posting this at midnight
83)im a fan of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac comic
84)i tedn to sleep in the mornings
85)some of the anime i own isnt available in America yet there are import stores close to where i went to school :devious: :nerd:
86)my best friend is borrowing my x-box and gamecube and will be borrowing my ps2 while im in school
87)i want to major in criminal psychology
88)my eyes hurt
89)i plan to see return of the king with my parents :)
90)im almost done finally
91)i have 10 more posts
92)my best friends family is like a second family to me
93)i havent shaved in a few weeks
94)i dont plan to for another 2 weeks
95)i am not getting pierced again
96)i only had my ear pierced when my hair yanked it into an earlobe
97)i was asleep at the time and didnt notice til i woke up
98)i dont want a relationship cause im in school but i miss being in one
99)i dont plan to ever get married
100)or have kids
101)unless i do


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1. I am 33 years old

2. I feel about 25 most days, 55 others.

3. I have six children, four step, two biological.

4. I hate the fact that my 15 year old daughter turned 15.

5. I think that having children is the one true purpose for being on this planet.

6. My wife was very naive before she met me.

7. Sometimes I feel like I stole part of her innocence though.

8. I love playing on computers

9. I have owned a computer for almost 20 years now.

10. I don't have the first computer I ever owned anymore.

11. My favorite color is tan.

12. I take vitamins every day, one all purpose, plus a B-Complex

13. I have quit smoking twice in my life.

14. I still smoke now

15. My children are all very different.

16. One of my step-children calls me Dad.

17. The rest will introduce me as their "Parent" As in Parents, when my wife is with me.

18. I am constantly looking for something to work on.

19. I love doing woodworking, but never seem to have time for it.

20. I would love to have a motorcycle.

21. Motorcycles scare the hell out of me.

22. I almost always have to have something to drink nearby.

23. Diabetes is very common in my family

24. I get tested for it yearly.

25. I see a psychiatrist once a month.

26. I feel much better now.

27. I have developed a very care-free attitude in the last few years.

28. I will cry when someone hurts me emotionally

29. I haven't cried over physical pain in over 20 years.

30. I have my left ear pierced in three places.

31. I only got one of those done by a professional

32. I did the other two myself.

33. One in a Dairy Queen bathroom, the other in History class.

34. I got my first tattoo when I was 31.

35. I REALLY want another.

36. This is what I'm going to get on my upper right arm.

37. I got my first optical mouse just a few months ago.

38. I haven't decided if I like it or not.

39. The X and Z keys on my keyboard haven't worked for almost a month.

40. I use XP's On Screen Keyboard to type them when I need to.

41. I don't use them often.

42. I work around computers all day.

43. I tell people that I have the job of my dreams.

44. It really does come pretty close.

45. I have always done well at work

46. I started working when I was 13 years old.

47. I grew up in a town of about 400 people, in central Iowa.

48. I last went to Iowa when my Grandmother died.

49. I feel bad that I didn't go see her when she was diagnosed with cancer.

50. I lose my car keys about once a week.

51. I have two extra sets of car keys.

52. I use the x key and the z key alot more than I thought I would.

53. I can touch-type.

54. I still don't type very fast.

55. I have to correct errors alot, but I usually know when I made an error before I see it.

56. I have 6 different email addresses that I check regularly.

57. I have one online friend that I have had for 7 years.

58. We only talk about once a month or so now.

59. We used to talk nightly.

60. I have never heard their voice.

61. The thought of meeting people that I know online scares me.

62. I worry sometimes that I give out too much personal info.

63. My three daughters names rhyme.

64. My two biological children are both boys.

65. I have pictures of my children all around me on my desk.

66. I have three computers within 5 feet of me.

67. I have a can of WD-40, a flashlight, and a wrench sitting on my desk.

68. I really wish I could play the guitar.

69. I really wish I could play the drums too.

70. I have a sword on my wall that my wife bought me.

71. I have had training in three different martial arts, Tae-Kwon-Do, Jujitsu, and Karate.

72. I have never had to use any of it for real self-defence.

73. I only drink about once a month.

74. I used to get high before I went to work every day.

75. I used to get high on my lunch hour every day.

76. I used to get high every day when I got home from work.

77. Basically, I spent about three years of my life high.

78. I quit doing that 5 years ago, but will still do it occasionally.

79. I listen to headphones when I listen to music.

80. I like almost any kind of music.

81. I stay up too late most nights.

82. I have a keylogger on my computers to see what my kids are doing when we aren't home.

83. I haven't caught them doing anything they shouldn't be yet.

84. Sometimes I wonder if I'm too paranoid about my kids.

85. Most of the time I just worry about them.

86. I get athletes foot about once a month.

87. I have since I was 22.

88. I feel really bad if I don't take a shower every day.

89. I haven't cut my hair in 17 months.

90. I only shave about twice a week.

91. I have six different phone books on my desk.

92. The worst job I ever had was a bill collector.

93. I only worked there for a week.

94. The longest I've held a job was selling furniture.

95. I didn't really like that job either, but it paid well.

96. I love to read books.

97. I used to pretend I was gay when I was waiting tables.

98. I've been asked out by guys twice in my life.

99. I've been asked out by girls twice in the last year.

100. I consider cheating to be the most contemptable thing a person could do.

101. I have horrible handwriting, yet I do nothing to make it better.


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1. I have 2 kids, both girls.
2. They are 31/2 and 5
3. I love them dearly
4. Most of the time
5. I have been married twice
6. Sort of
7. 1st marriage lasted 5 years
8. I got divorced when I was 25
9. Second marriage was common-law
10. Lasted 5 years
11. I am eerily disturbed by a re-occurring pattern
12. He is the father of my children
13. He is a shmuck
14. He is the Father of my children
15. I will try to be nice….ish
16. I have 3 cats
17. They eat and sleep a lot
18. I love my job
19. I dislike some of the people I work with
20. I hate corporate politics
21. But I have learned how to play the game
22. I love music
23. A lot
24. A whole lot
25. The louder the better
26. I was a punk as a teenager
27. I was not a very good girl as a teenager
28. I got better
29. Mostly
30. I can dance for 6 hours straight
31. I can more than hold my own in a mosh pit
32. I love my computer
33. My first computer was a Vic 20
34. It really, really sucked
35. But I made birdies fly across the screen
36. And played asteroids a lot
37. The first video game I ever played was pong
38. I kid you not
39. Now I play Diablo II
40. I miss my PS2
41. I got the kids and the furniture
42. The X got the PS2
43. I’m going to go to bed now
44. Because it’s 4:54 am
45. The X has the kids this weekend
46. So mommy went out to play
47. Mommy is a wee bit inebriated
48. I will finish this tomorrow
49. But I want to hit 50 first
50. Oh, there it is

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Whoo :D Something to do :D

1) I get bored easily, but luckily i'm also easily amused.
2) I've never skinnydipped, and no way in hell will I ever (unless I'm going to get paid $60,000 for skinny dipping, and going to do it more than once :D).
3) I wish to get my tubes tied when I turn 18.
4) The reason for that is because I think my father's a dumbass, my mother's a bitch, i'm a little annoying shit, so I don't want to pass that on to some poor innocent little whining ungreatful brat.
5) Oh, I also hate kids and babies at the moment, unless I can hand them back to their parents and say "Here you take him!"
6) I am the reason for birth control!!! (I wear my father out when I do talk to him because I talk in such a "DUH dad, it's so obvious" type way for most of the questions I ask. Such as "Why bother having a cell phone if you're going to have personal conversations in public?" "Because you might need it for work." "But what if your work is being a shrink?!")
7) I really don't like drunk people as they scare me because I think they'll lose control or something and I won't be strong enough to stop them if they try anything.
8) I am scared that most every guy is out to rape me (this is from watching lifetime movies when I was 5 years old...I'm not shitting you on this).
9) I wear glasses, and my eyesight is so bad that I have to have my computer chair as close to the computer as possible in order to read the computer screen without my glasses (and i'm even leaning in a bit :|).
10) I always wear my watch, but unlike Amanda, I don't feel naked without it. In fact, I once didn't notice for a while that I wasn't wearing it (I don't know how long it took me to notice, as I wasn't wearing a watch to figure out how long it took me!!!).
11) I don't own a cell phone, but I think that's something I "want"
12) I have 2 different types of wants : things I want to have, and things I say I want to have that would just take up space. A cell phone is the latter of the 2 (later being the taking up space one).
13) I like Britney Spears's Music, but I think the girl is a tramp.
14) I like country music, pop music, rock music...a little of everything (though I don't get in too heavilly on the rock. Most of my rock is poprock....ha! Poprocks :D That amuses me hehe :D)
15) I don't like people in general, but this is because I have misconceptions about them that I have believed all my life (and am currently kinda finding out that they aren't true).
16) My mother got MS (Multiple Sclerosis) when I was 5 and (in my personal opinion...I have more sympathy to other people that aren't my mother who have MS) she was too lazy of a bitch to take care of me emotionally or try to be consistant, so I was mostly left emotionally by myself so I learned to entertain myself with a fantasy world that had fantasy people in it.
17) I have yet to lose this fantasy world and am very introverted because of it.
18) I currently live with my father and we both think my mother has Borderline Personality Disorder, and my father is getting separated from my mother.
19) I think (based on how I was treated and how my father continues to treat me) that my parents looked at children and thought "ooh! I want one!" but that it was more of a want that would take up space. My father doesn't even like small children, and since he's not a people person I do believe that he would make a horrible father for small children (in fact I used to cry because he wouldn't play checkers with me). My father and I barely speak to each other even though we live in the same house, and we rarely have lengthy conversations (usually last about 3 mins max, but occasionally, we'll have an actual lengthy conversation).
20) I was diagnosed a year and 2/3 months ago with Major Depression and dysthymia (chronic feelings of depression). I am currently getting re-evaluated and waiting to see what this diagnosis is.
21) If I had to diagnos (sp?) myself right now, I'd say I have a little bit of Obsessive Compulsiveness (as I am currently pissed off at my father for leaving a half hour late for work as it screws up the rest of his day since he has to hurry, and it's not even my own problem! :|), a bit of paranoia (which is taken care of by my anti-depressant), major depression, bipolar and borderline personality disorder.
22) I am currently on Effexsor (sp?) which is an anti-depressent, and respritol, which is a mood stabalizer.
23) I really don't think the mood stabalizer is working to well to stabalize my moods as I've been fine one minute a little angry the next and then pissed as hell over something as little as a post on a message board (over the course of a lifetime, what does it matter?).
24) I don't really like myself and I get pissed at myself quite often for the way I feel (for example, I feel jealous of someone and i'm all pissed at myself because theres no reason that I have to feel jealous, or I get annoyed and then I get pissed that i'm annoyed over something trivial).
25) I am scared of the dark. Seriously. I sleep with Christmas lights on (they're hung all around the room).
26) I bitch about how Americans are stupid and Lazy (no I am not the acception to this ;)...seriously, I am lazy). I also bitch about the laws, the government, ect. But if I had to live anywhere else I'd still bitch about the people and all that, so I suppose America's the best place at the moment for me?
27) I enjoy complaining, and I am not completely sure why as of yet. I'm thinking because it gives me something to talk about and I have some to alot of knowledge on whatever it is i'm complaining about.
28) In real life : I am not very social. I'm not anti-social (though I may act like a complete anti-social bitch when I don't want to talk to people), but i'm not social either. I feel as if me and everyone else speak a different language (like other people's way of saying hi, I interpret as an attack so I attack back), and sometimes we're left trying to guess what the other person says or means.
29) I cannot hold my own in a mosh pit, hell I don't want to be in a mosh pit (don't have a clue as to what a mosh pit is, all I know is that's a place to go if I want to feel pain in my jaw from some steel toed boot).
30) I am overprotective of my friends, and very loyal and trusting until you do something that breaks the loyalty or the trust (currently only one friend has broken both, and i'm now badmouthing him behind his back).
31) I will fight for my friends but not myself.
32) Most of my social life, like fury's, is online.
33) I have one offline friend (well, 2, but I haven't felt like talking to the other one, so that friendship's fading). I also know him online and I think he's a great offline friend as he doesn't require much attention.
34) I perfer my friends to be similar to cats and not dogs (as in they can take care of themselves and if they saw me in public or private or whatever, they wouldn't feel offended if I didn't feel like talking to them. And they don't require a whole bunch of attention to remain on the friends list.)
35) I have known Rose for 2 years this Sept. And the longest person I have known online is Hadar who I will have known for 3 years in January '04.
36) I am currently 16 and mostly an all talk no play whore (as my ex-friend put it). I'll talk about sex but the whole idea of actually doing it freaks me out beyond belief (hence the all talk no play ;)).
37) I would never sell my body. Period. End of story (though I might give out handjobs if I was that desperate...nothing else though).
38) I can be an ass sometimes (seen clocks? :p)
39) I masturbated in public when I was 7 (like at school) and I suppose I got into trouble for it and I can remember my mother being mad about it and all, so I blame all of my sexual fears on that and lifetime TV (where all the women get raped and beaten and abused :$).
40) My room used to be the coldest room in the house. It hasn't been that way since my mother moved out, and i'm being pissy about it too, since I loved having my room cold.
41) I have a homepage filled with all the links I want to visit to everyday (just because there are so many sites I want to check and my bookmarks are filled with sites that I only want to remember the URLs to). OTC has yet to make it on the list, so I have to visit through Rose's site, lol.
42) My real name is Heidi Nelle Clinefelter. Feel free to stalk me via the internet, um...if you want to visit to merely worship me okey...if you're going to stalk me for like....fapping reasons, please keep that info to yourself and make sure I dont' see you as i'll freak out if I know ;)
43) I don't believe in shopping for "What's in style" I perfer to shop at Old Navy and look for something that I like.
44) I am 16 years old and will be 17 on Sept. 26th :$
45) I have offered to work on people's next layouts (like the coding) for them, not for the money, not because I liked them, but just to get it done more quickly.
46) I am currently trying to train my body to go to bed at about 11pm. So far it's working better since alot of my online friends aren't being on at night :D Which means there's no one I want to talk to, and I know they won't be on to talk to, so it's fine for me to go to sleep and I won't miss them if they come on.
47) Sometimes I try to intimidate people on purpose, but i'm not sure why. Usually it's a spur of the moment type urge.
48) I have a kitty named Jesse and she's a female.
49) I don't like to sleep in my room alone (or rather go to sleep, once i'm asleep, hell, i'm out so I don't know or care if i'm alone or not) so I generally try to take Jesse to bed with me.
50) I like my kitty, but want a more affectionate one...or hell even a dog will do.
51) I hate people who never say no to me. I go out of proportion at times and at times need to hear the word No or the word stop.
52) I enjoy testing people and I like when they push back just as much or about as much as I pushed first (so long as it's a reasonable push and won't end in a fight. Other wise, the push back should be a strong push of No and Stop).
53) I like equal relationships. One day, I'm the dominant, the next day the other person is. I get all pissy if a relationship isn't like that. Seriously. I started yelling at the TV during Charmed just because Piper and Leo's marital relationship isn't like that.
54) I have little to no sympathy towards women and their relationship problems. Honest to god. Got a friend who i've known for almost 2 years, and she's feeling a bit of marital trouble and to be honest I just can't seem to make myself care very much, though I do want her to be happy, I don't care about her marital problem.
55) I do not feel sorry for the women who have husbands that beat them. In my personal opinion, nothing is stopping them from leaving him.
56) I don't like only selling the good side of something. I'd rather sit there and say "Well, these are the problems with it, but on the bright side, it makes up for those with....." than sit there and give you all the good things something can do.
57) I'm told i'm sweet and I suppose that I am, but at times I can be a royal bitch. Total claws and all. No lie there. But I don't make personal attacks or low blows on friends or even ex friends. Least not as low as I could make them.
58) Tying someone down or being tied down sounds like fun :D and I wish to get to try that someday :brow:
59) I sleep with I think about 4 pillows at night. My cat gets the 5th one all to herself.
60) I can entertain myself for hours if I have music and my own thoughts and something to do while listening to the music.
61) I am a avid fan of music. I like it playing, but I only like the kind that I can sing along to.
62) I like Avril Lavigne. Or at least her music even though she messed up big time.
63) Something I hate about myself is that I will change my opinion to be liked better by someone (I have lied and said that I completely hate Milano for a couple of people, and half agreed that Avril sucked for another person).
64) I gave one guy topless pics of me once...I am currently not speaking to him as he's an asshole (if I had known that at the time, he wouldn't have topless pics of me :$).
65) I shaved my head around the end of May or somewhere in June last and before that in February, so since my hair is a half an inch long and I don't like the way it's growing in, pics of me are few and far between (though I do have a webcam).
66) I don't embarass easilly in public really. I have shouted out in Babies R Us "I am an Alien and I am applying for a job" which embarassed a friend of mine, but not me.
67) My mom offered to buy me condoms if I came to her to tell her I was going to lose my virginity....but I figure that if I'm too embarassed to buy them myself that's a big sign saying that i'm not ready for sex.
68) I am embarassed about the fact that I have to use tampons [[blushes]] Specially since I live with my dad :$ It's like admiting i'm horrible or something.
69) I am curious to know if my dad looks at porn and thinks about sex, but in the long run, I don't think I really want to know. So i'll just sit here and ponder (mostly I am curious because he doesn't seem to be one for sex...just my humble observation...that and my mother was rather vocal in bed and yeah...:$ moving on).
70) I am great at making statements that make people shut up and stop talking! :D
71) My complexion doesn't make me have too many pimples (though my face does get oily sometimes).
72) I don't really have a "favorite" color, but I am currently liking greys, light pink, silver and sparkly white.
73) I frown in my sleep (or rather when I close my eyes). I've tried not frowning, but it's just not comfortable.
74) I weigh 152 lbs and am 4 feet 11 inches (probably over 11 inches like 11 and a half or something stupid like that, but I'm not at 5 feet yet so who cares about the extra half? :p).
75) I am actually happy with my height, and currently (shockingly enough, even to me) I am surprising myself to find that I am liking my body build, even though my weight isn't where I want it to be (I want it back down to 125lbs, dammit!).
76) I have these horrificlly ugly stretch marks on my inner and under thighs and they go down to my calf a bit on the left leg, but thankfully the ones further down the leg are fading. I think the rest of them are fading as well, but I am not certain (I'd count them as faded if they didn't show up at all, but currently, they aren't as noticable as they once were...they're more of a pink than an angry red and purple).
77) My dad won't let me get my tubes tied...I have to wait until i'm self supporting enough to pay for it myself.
78) I have to wait until i'm self supporting to get a nose ring (supposedly...i'm hoping to get my mother to pay for and let me pierce my nose in Nebraska in a couple of weeks :D She's the nice one when it comes to that stuff :D).
79) I currently have as much as 50 cents. I am picky about jobs, and not really looking for one currently (though I want one at Babies R Us).
80) I do not know how to drive nor do I have any intrest in learning. I bump into walls when walking because I don't like to pay attention, i've almost hit cars with my bike for not paying attention. I don't want to see myself with a car.
81) Dogs running towards me or after me scare me. I actually was screaming my head off in sheer terror because this dog (that was no bigger than a cat) was chasing after me...and I was on a bike...and I could've hurt him more than he could've hurt me...it's sad I know. So sad that it's funny (at least to me).
82) I have a strong hatred for rain in the summer (since I like to go outside since it's hot and all, I don't want the rain as the rain makes it cold and takes forever to go away).
83) I have an intense dislike for green grass during the summer unless you watered your lawn with a sprinkler. Mostly because green grass means it rained too much [[glares at green grass in own unwatered lawn]]
84) I don't like the area that I live in because I know a few kids that smoke pot around here, and i think these people drink too much and they don't know how to use turing signals.
85) I tend to look down upon those that smoke pot and drink too much...I'm sorry :$ I feel bad because I have that opinion too :$
86) I actually have smoked cigarettes didn't get addicted (though I tried because I thought it was cool). I stopped when I smoked 5 in one day (since I was just so depressed) and then I got sick to my stomach for an hour so I couldn't move. Yeah, smooth. Since then the mere smell of cigarette smoke or cigarettes or menth or leftover cigarette smoke just makes me sick.
87) If I smoke a cigarette, the nicotine makes me feel depressed for days afterwards (I think up to four or five). So that also dapens my whole thinking that smoking's cool.
88) Yes I did think it was cool because my favorite character in a movie and book (the movie was based on the book...rather loosely) smoked. Practical Magic is the movie and book. Gillian's the character. And Nicole Kidman looked hot with a cigarette in her hand :D
89) I have a goal to cut back from swearing...so far i'm not really working towards this goal. But I have stopped using the F word as much as I used to when talking to myself! :D
90) I believe that if you really want something you'll go for it, and if not, you must not want it so bad.
91) I believe I should be smacked for being a hypocrite...and often.
92) I believe I should be smacked when I am annoying, since I'd do the same for someone else.
93) I hate it when people say "oh I hate these types of people" and then exclude themselves from any form of hatred (even if they are the type of person), and so I try to avoid saying that I am not any type of person I hate.
94) I hate myself because I am the one that has made my life screwed up and unhappy in the past. And i'm not real proud of some of my personality traits either, but I am my own worst critic.
95) I don't really like the run and chase flirting thing. Yeah it's fun, but i'm not that physically fit. Why not walk and get me? Or hell, let's screw the whole walk/run/physical work part and come on over and get your prize for catching me already? :p We'll just say you caught me ;)
96) I am enjoying watching reruns of my "favorite" show from 2-3 years ago (Taped episodes of Charmed).
97) I actually like yelling at the TV.
98) One summer, I actually brought food to my cat so she didn't have to get up to eat.
99) I like having my cat's presence nearby.
100) There are somethings I like to talk aloud about and it's easier for me to say them aloud than to type them, and others that I cannot say aloud but I can type them quite well.
101) I don't like "friends" who don't understand me...I actually consider friendship a mutual understanding.


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1. I would have never thought I’d see myself ever doing this
2. My Western Astrology sign is Cancer
3. My Eastern Astrology sign is The Rat
4. I was born on June 27, 1984
5. Put together, I’m frightfully secretive - I have far to many personal secrets that should be allowed o_O
6. I have a white cat
7. I love my kitty =^_^= So much so that I think of her as my baby
8. My favourite movie is Dogma
9. Favourite song in the world is Vertical Horizon <i>Everything You Want</i>
10. I enjoy drawing
11. My favourite genre of art is fantasy, it’s the easiest to think up stuff to draw stuff with I think
12. Drawing a comic is hard, trying to get the characters to look the same is tough!
13. I draw with a clutch pencil, haven’t experimented with manually colouring in yet o_O
14. My favourite book is Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
15. My aura is a general yellow – been told so by an expert.
16. My favourite colour is Purple, next favourite are green and orange
17. I couldn’t live without my cellphone
18. I need music, it is my reason for living.
19. According to some personality tests, I have a personality disorder of being avoidant
20. I’m easily distracted *ooo, laser pointer*
21. I love my computer, I basically live on it
22. I have a big collection of CDs
23. I love programming
24. I’m a bit of a dork
25. I’m right handed
26. I’m gullible, *what you mean the laser can attract attention of extraterrestrials?”
27. I’m scared of children, and I’m scared of having children
28. I don’t think I wanna get married, forever thing is scary
29. I’m however slowly getting over this fear, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon ^_^
30. I expect never to marry
31. I believe in soul mates and all that jazz
32. Thursday's are my favourite day of the week.
33. Most of my friends are older than me, I’m the youngest in my immediate group of good friends
34. All my good friends are male, I just get on better with them o_O
35. My acquaintances are a mix of male and female
36. I have a complex about being on time, and fell right shit if I’m late with anything
37. I’m becoming more comfortable with who I am as I grow older
38. My IQ is higher than 150 – has dropped a bit
39. IQ has nothing to do with academic ability!
40. I really enjoy Thunder and Lightning… it’s been ages since we’ve had a good storm like that here
41. I’m not scared of creepy crawlies… except moths o_O
42. I forgive too easily
43. I don’t get drunk too easily
44. I believe everything happens for a reason. There is no such thing as 'luck' or 'coincidence'
45. I don’t actually know for sure what I want from life
46. I’m my own worst enemy
47. I’m a serious introvert
48. I enjoy role playing games
49. My favourite character is a chaotic-good, half-elven ranger, the class is beginning to change though o_O
50. I do not cry easily, If I do cry, you know I’m in a right emotional mess
51. I’m proud of the Irish, French, German, Swedish blood I have in me
52. I can’t sleep a peaceful night that often
53. I don’t like spicy food
54. I never passed Std4 / Grd6 ^_^
55. I got my first grey hair when I was 16
56. I like singing along to songs, not sure on my ability to sing though, never heard myself without being me
57. I want at least one meaningful conversation everyday
58. I’m allergic to mushrooms
59. I don’t like strawberries, I don’t like cream, I am possibly the least kinkiest person alive in that respect
60. I prefer to lead than to follow most of the time
61. I’m however very insecure and shy when it comes to things like that, but enjoy it nonetheless
62. I prefer white meat to red meat – fish and chicken rule!
63. I tend to burn easily in the sun
64. I’m wearing the Chinese symbol of The Rat around my neck
65. That’s the only piece of jewellery I wear
66. I can keep a secret if need be
67. Favourite seasons are Spring and Summer… I don’t like the cold
68. I run around with a jersey on for the greater deal of the year, even during summer a bit, I really need a lot of heat
69. I believe in an afterlife, yet I’m more spiritual than religious
70. I’m scared of the doctor
71. I’ve been to the hospital plenty of times, but only to visit people
72. Only been to hospital twice for my own reasons – I was born, and I had an operation once
73. I’m scared of heights
74. I don’t wear make up much, last time was over a year ago
75. I’m scared of dying, dunno what’s gonna happen
76. Half-full? Half-empty? Depends how it started out, doesn’t it?
77. I live on the internet
78. My favourite number is 1
79. All my friends are smarter than I am, it keeps me humble ^_^
80. I enjoy swimming, but I’m insecure about my body, so I don’t swim all that often
81. I have blue eyes and brown hair
82. Age I lost my virginity – 17 - Do I regret it? Hell no
83. I talk at a very fast pace, I think I also mumble o_O
84. People smile and nod a lot when I’m talking to them
85. I enjoy plain vanilla ice cream
86. My friends are very important to me
87. I don’t watch much TV
88. I watch less than about five hours all in all in a week
89. I don’t enjoy the clubbing scene that much
90. When I was born, I caught the Hong Kong flu o_O Nearly died
91. I have one small birthmark on my ankle
92. My favourite flower is the rose
93. I seriously enjoy the fantasy theme, knights, dragons, goblins and fairies ^_^ all fun
94. I believe in homeopathy
95. I live like a bit of a slob o_O
96. I can play the piano, and I’m forcing a friend of mine to teach me the guitar
97. I get annoyed way to easily
98. I think I have too many responsibilities :p
99. But I love everyone of them, else I wouldn’t have then ^_^
100. I never shut up or stop talking, apparently I even mumble in my sleep… :p
101. I’m sortta disappointed this is over, I was having FUN ^_^


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Part II

51. I love thunderstorms
52. I sometimes play in the rain
53. Most of the clothes in my closet are black
54. My Mom died when I was 19; I still miss her terribly
55. My first pets were 2 goldfish: Spotty-Dotty and Cleopatra, when I was 5
56. When I got sick growing up, my Mom always made me Campbell’s chicken noodle soup, with crackers crumbled in it
57. I still make it, when I or my kids are sick
58. I think hot cocoa is a comfort food
59. I love to cook, and have been told I am good at it
60. I have wanted for some time to pick up, move far away, and start life over fresh, but I am not that brave
61. I make my own massage and scented oils
62. I make candles, when I have the time
63. My best friend is a guy, the sweetest guy in the whole world
64. I wanted to be an archaeologist or a microbiologist when I grew up, maybe some day :)
65. I read fantasy novels and science magazines
66. I love to read
67. I am a sci-fi geek
68. My favourite sci-fi TV show is Lexx
69. I hate “chick flicks”, the more mayhem and destruction, the better
70. I think Monty Python were hilarious, in a happily twisted kinda way
71. I admire David Suzuki, Jackie Chan and my Dad
72. I live in an apartment, in a quiet (mostly), old, city neighbourhood, with lots of parks, and trees lining the streets.
73. I am captivated by the ocean
74. I have always wanted to sky-dive, but never have
75. I am spontaneous, and a bit impulsive
76. I love to drive
77. I work in pharmaceutical research
78. I want to go back to school, someday
79. I have a very low tolerance for ignorance, which has nothing to do with intelligence
80. I hold open doors for people
81. I love camping
82. I am pretty jaded about the whole relationship and marriage thing, or at least the permanence of them, but I am still hopeful I’m wrong
83. I type at my computer, sitting in a big comfy chair, with my legs crossed, pillow on my lap, with my keyboard on it.
84. I have discovered that the best things in life really *are* free
85. I have always wanted to own a motorcycle
86. My favourite season is fall
87. I prefer night-time to day-time
88. At night, I don’t turn lights on to watch TV, or play on the computer. I sometimes light candles
89. I don’t watch much TV
90. I listen to the radio in the car at volumes that would make many people cringe.
91. I drink too much coffee, but I am a mother
92. I hate doing dishes
93. I have a dishwasher
94. I have an insatiable curiosity about pretty much everything
95. I like going out for breakfast on Sundays
96. I would do anything for a friend, when they need me
97. My friends would reciprocate
98. I like wood furniture, with light, natural finishes and a rustic look
99. I love the smell of a Canadian forest
100. I don’t like sushi
101. I believe that people could be much happier with their lives if they could just learn to laugh at themselves


Kissy Goddess
1.Just moved into a new place
2.I like French Vanilla in my coffee
3.My dog keeps me up most nights panting so loudly
4.I love sex – I think I’m addicted to it.
5.I have 2 porn sites. One is free, the other makes money.
6.I’ve has several 3somes, but prefer one on one.
7.I’m a big girl, but comfortable with that
8.I am Bi-sexual
9.I have a mole on my left breast
10.I took a good hit on my face in a bike accident and have a scar on my lip cuz of it
11.I had cancer on my nose
12.I like being boss at work
13.I hate wearing jewellery
14.I sleep right in the middle of my bed
15.I drive a Saturn sport wagon
16.I love to cook
17.I hate to clean
18.I love my freedom
19.I will never marry again
20.I have two beautiful boys
21.I have a tattoo on my right shoulder and getting another one on my right calf that I designed with my tattoo artist.
22.I am going to be 38 on August 12.
23.I like Brisk Iced Tea
24.I believe in God.
25.I believe in trust.
26.I wear my heart on my sleeve. Too bad for me.
27.I love every type of movie there is. Depends on my mood.
28.I can’t spit very well.
29.My son found my vibrator and I told him it was a back massager.
30.I miss my Mom and Dad.
31.I’ve been to Hawaii, Sweden, Denmark, Ontario.. shit.. lots of places.
32.I was born in California.
33.I have one brother and one sister – they are both married.
34.I think my brother will get divorced and his wife won’t take the boy but will take the girl. :(
35.Nothing is unconditional unless you are God.
36.I like to take showers alone.
37.I love when someone washes my hair.
38.I haven’t had a haircut in almost a year.
39.I have Epilepsy – but seizure free for 15 yrs.
40.I have my green belt in Wado Kai Karate.
41.I love motorcycles – wish I had my own. *sigh*
42.I think Fury is an incredibly intelligent young man who has overcome things any other person would have failed at.
43.I like all kinds of music
44.I am a great dancer
45.I brush my teeth at least twice a day
46.I will not kiss a man who does not take care of his teeth.
47.I believe controlled, non-violent spanking for discipline is ok; however, I have never had to do it to my own kids.
48.I pride myself in my parenting skills and treat the responsibility with great care
49.I am interested in the BDSM lifestyle and think it is severely misunderstood by most people.
50.I have never done any Dom/Subbing
51.I love the laughter of children
52.I respect everyone’s opinion, no matter what it is.
53.I do not like bigotry, but I do understand a bigot.
54.I don’t have a favourite song.
55.I don’t have a favourite food.
56.I don’t have a favourite movie.
57.I wish I could say *no* with more ease.
58.3 things I would take to a deserted island: matches, knife and water.
59.I like to smoke pot from time to time.
60.I don’t like getting’ really drunk
61.I don’t carry alcohol in my house
62.I drive too fast.
63.I think rich people should be generous with time, not money.
64.I can fix any household appliance.
65.I can wire a light fixture.
66.I hate shopping.
67.I still like to climb trees.
68.I love the mountains.
69.I play guitar and sing.
70.I had a cat with a blue eye and a gold eye, he ran away : (
71.I don’t think I’ll ever meet the man of my dreams.
72.I can’t believe I am sitting here this long.
73.I also can’t believe I have 26 more things to think of.
74.I love the rain. I am celebrating my bday today at a park and it’s suppose to thunder/lightning out.
75.The above statement was very poorly written and I think it’s funny!
76.I RARELY take anything seriously.
77.My Ex used to tell me my laugh was too loud.
78.I don’t like perfume – I prefer clean smelling soaps.
79.I don’t know how long I can hold my breath, even trying scares me.
80.I am afraid of heights, so I want to skydive to prove I can.
81.I get annoyed at people who drive slow in the fast lane.
82.I swear too fucking much. *heehee*
83.My 7 yr old son answers the phone so politely, “Hello, this is Joey speaking”
84.I used to kiss frogs to see if they’d turn into Princes.
85.Never did.
86.I am so sleepy right now.
87.I know more about computers than our IT guy at work. And really, that’s pathetic.
88.I like my music loud.
89.I was a cheerleader for the Seahawks many moons ago
90.I have over 50 candle holders.
91.I typically light 12 – 15 at one time.
92.I love romance.
93.I snore a little at night.
94.I want an Xterra.
95.I like being a single Mom.
96.I wish I knew someone with enough money to buy me #94 !!!
97.Only 3 more to go!!
98.I drive too fast. I may have said that already.
99.I don’t like huge houses.
100.I think babies are so beautiful.
101.I wonder if anyone actually read all of this, and if they even care.


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Spirit said:
42.I think fury is an incredibly intelligent young man who has overcome things any other person would have failed at.
Aww... *sniff* thanks :hug:

How about coming back to my place for a little Flurffmeister™ love? :cool2: :brow:

Spirit said:
101.I wonder if anyone actually read all of this, and if they even care.
Well, I sure did and do. :beerbang:


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I read them all too spirit, I love French Vanilla creamer in my coffee :winkkiss: I bought some Amaretto the other day but I don't like it as much.

1. I would do this but I'll refer back to PT's #62.

2. I made the mistake of telling some people at work about this place and I'm pretty sure they cruise the board or may have registered but I don't know who they are.

3. I sometimes feel like the IT folks at work are reading everything I say on here.

4. Once I was asking this IT guy a question about internet access and he said something about posting in public forums.


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5. What the hell, I'll try not to get too personal.

6. I am almost all grey.

7. I got it from my mom.

8. My father died when I was 7 (suicide).

9. My father was a preacher.

10. I grew up with two older sisters who absolutely humiliated me every chance they got.

11. I don't hate them for it but I think it made me kinda withdrawn and very shy around girls.

12. I used to get very very nervous when I was around a girl I liked.

13. I used to be so skinny I looked sick.

14. I used to have a major drug and drinking problem.

15. Now that I've slacked off, I've put on quite a bit of weight.

16. Mostly belly fat.

17. I still drink too much but I'm functional.

18. I've been smoking for 25 years.

19. I had a dream when I was 14 about geometric shapes.

20. I was always very good in math.

21. I always new I wanted to be an engineer.

22. I have an associates degree in Technical Drating.

23. I did mechanical design for a few years.

24. Then I discovered Printed Circuit Design.

25. It pays much better.

26. I just bought a 2003 Chevy Blazer.

27. I only have like 6-7 years to have my house paid off.

28. I thought about refinancing but I have a bankruptcy on my record.

29. I used to be obsessed with clubbing.

30. I have had 5 DUI's.

31. The last one cost me $20,000 dollars to get out of.

32. I still did 90 days in jail, (45 weekends).

33. I didn't think I was gonna live thru it.

34. I don't go out of the house if I'm drinking anymore.

35. My ex-girl and I 'dated' for 17 years.

36. Hindsight says it was just a relationship of convenience.

37. Neither one of us were interested in marriage.

38. Just sex.

39. I dated some really beautiful girls in my younger days.

40. I think those days are over.

41. I get really depressed sometimes thinking about how I've wasted my life on drugs and drinking.

42. I saw an old girlfriend in Wal-Mart today.

43. She couldn't believe how much weight I had put on.

44. That was embarrasing.

45. Not to mention I had a huge Zit on my forehead.

46. I never had acne problems when I was younger.

47. I don't have any tattoos.

48. I don't wear any jewelry.

49. I like to cook.

50. I don't think it's possible to love someone unconditionally.

51. I haven't had sex in almost three years.

52. I had hip replacement surgery last Dec.

53. I take arthritis medication cause I twisted my ankle real bad when I was 19.

54. I am obsessed with organizing things.

55. I think that is why I have done so well in my job.

56. I am very hairy.

57. Over the last two years I have remodeled the inside of my house.

58. I put down all new flooring and painted all the rooms.

59. I take very good care of my yard.

60. I have three grandchildren.

61. I'm eating salted peanuts.

62. I have four computers.

63. I recently purchased a vbulletin license.

64. fury upgraded me to vb3 last week and did a kick ass job.

65. I hate assholes who don't do what they promise.

66. I have one good friend (since HS) that I can talk to about anything without being judged.

67. I'll be 44 next friday.

68. My name is Phillip Head.

69. I was pretty much tortured during school cause of my name.

70. Both my sisters name starts with P....... we were know as the three P. Heads.

71. I have grown alot closer to my family in recent years.

72. I lost both my grandparents on my dads side within the last ten years.

73. I miss my granny so much.

74. I was never good at dancing.

75. These salted peanuts are really good.

76.Last night my buddy and I grilled out some huge rib-eye's and had baked potato drenched in butter and garlic.

77. I think this world is gonna get real bad before too long.

78. I only have three pairs of jeans I can wear right now.

79. I have about twenty pairs in my closet I can't wear.

80. My boss is an OK guy but he jokes around too much.

81. I feel like I can never get a straight answer from him.

82. It's very frustrating sometimes.

83. Did I mention these peanuts are really good?

84. I need to get started painting the outside of my house.

85. I do not want to do it.

86. I bought some stuff at Wal-Mart a couple of weeks ago for $113 and the transaction has not gone thru yet.

87. I won a yo-yo championship when I was like 9-10.

88. I played little league football.

89. I played center.

90. I sold my old car to my son for $1 and had to let him borrow that.

91. I have lived within 50 miles of Huntsville all my life.

92. I wet the bed till I was 12.

93. I was born a 'yellow baby'. (jaundice)?

94. I had scarlet fever when I was three.

95. I want to know where spirits free porn site is.

96. I have green eyes with a yellow ring around the pupil.

97. I like plain girls more than I like girls who wear a lot of make-up.

98. I can't stand girls who act stupid.

99. I have been married only once for about 1 1/2 years.

100. I got custody of my son when he was 8.

101. I regret that I was too busy drinking and partying to be his buddy.


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1. I now have proof that every one of you take this board FAR too seriously and need to find something more productive to occupy your time (because whatever else you're doing obviously isn't enough).


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Re: 101 Things You Didn't Know About Me?

a13antichrist said:
1. I now have proof that every one of you take this board FAR too seriously and need to find something more productive to occupy your time (because whatever else you're doing obviously isn't enough).

Would it be so bad to say that i agree?


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a13antichrist said:
1. I now have proof that every one of you take this board FAR too seriously and need to find something more productive to occupy your time (because whatever else you're doing obviously isn't enough).

So what's the proof?

Wacky Nacky

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Probably that we replied to the thread? And how I waste my time is how I waste my time. If you don't like how I waste my time, you don't have to waste your time with me :D :$