Cain did good tonight.


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Cain did good.
Romney is still a putz, along with newt and huntsman.
Bachman should have done better.
Santorum did OK.
TPaw bit it.

Winner, Palin.
Romney = Lyle Wagonner

Didn't's too early for 2012 election crap
Santorum, and Newt had moments, but Cain's still my man atm.

Perry's got a lot of catching up to do.
Many of the (R) morons are pointless (Romney, Gingrich, Palentey), but the extremists don't want to overburden you with cradle to grave government.

I don't think she will either. Don't blame her. She's already had a full term worth of liberal media bashing.
well, in that you are correct, but many of her ideas are terrifying. she is an obvious conspiracy theory believer.

well obama is stumping on CNN right now. man, he's just so limp and obvious when he does his "everyday folk" rhetoric. blehhhhhhhh.....
The crowd didn't seem to enthusiastic when he said the congress needed to renew his income tax cuts.
and we will have our choice. between a technically incompetent liberal nerd and, well, either an iconic dumbshell or - activate gag suppressant technology now - mitt romney.

seems like it's time to look for serious alternatives, wouldn't ya say?