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I've always liked you so I'm gonna give you a chance to dig yourself out of this hole you're in.

After 12+ years of unsuccesful, nay, failed, diplomacy, the regime of saddam hussein still has, according to multiple countries intel, WMDs and other weapons deemed illegal to possess by his agreement with the UN, some of which he claimed he didn't have & yet used in this war...

how exactly would you propose we solve this dilemma?

the only rule for you is to NOT bring up others quotes.

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Since it was brought up, I like you too Flav, I really do. We obviously have a disagreement on some issues, but that doesn't retract from the fact that I respect you, WHEN you post your opinion, not just try to destroy others.


In his absence I feel I must counter Gonz's accusation that they used WMDs. Scuds are not WMDs. If you put a bio or chem warhead on them it would count but don't twist the facts.


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He (Gonz) always spells the wrong too. That teh is getting on my last nerve :D


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Q, it gets on my nerves too but after awhile I get tired of editing one friggin word :D

I fixed it Professur :p

damn you people are a picky bunch:banghead: :idea: :moon: :moon2: