Long overdue get to know your neighbor thread


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unclehobart said:
bad surname? feh.. thats a hella cool name... almost the kind of name they give to studly movie lead males.

*come see the radical martial arts action of Jean Claude van der Raad in : Street Fighters for Justice III ... coming to a local cinema this summer*
:lol: *Sure* But anyone with my genetic make up from this family tend to not get to physical in the sports departments :p

But here's something to confuse the socks off most people. I myself have no Dutch blood in me :confuse3: And further more, the surname I was born with is: Pope :D


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Vortex said:
Scanty said:
i can take that off if you want, vortex... Just say the word. :D :)
:D Nha, tis cool, leave it on :p If you take it off, someone else will just put it on again :D
No no no, I assure you, noone will put it back on! Please, take it off! :brow:

damn you squiggs, you beat me to it!