Obama Flag of Choice


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Nope. Not this one.

In the Obama Texas headquarters. Not a Texas state flag, no sir. Not Old Glory, no way. Hows about a Cuban flag with a Che Guevara image on it? That's the ticket.

Does B.O. know his supporters in Houston honor a communist terrorist in his campaign office? Not good.


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Link to the story?

You're pretty butt-hurt that you can't get a conservative on the ballot huh?


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"Paid staffers for Obama expect to occupy the offices by the end of the week"

Doesn't sound like Obama's choice of anything yet. Desperate attempt at a smear.

"The office featured in this video is funded by volunteers of the Barack Obama Campaign and is not an official headquarters for his campaign."


Oooops. :laugh:


sorry cerise, but this is a little bit pathetic. obama's too liberal in a lot of ways for me, but he ain't no freak.


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So he'll let anybody open an office for him, and paid staffers will have more common sense in front of the cameras?

Hey Cerise, show me which candidate of yours that statement doesn't apply to?

You don't care much for facts do you?


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"I don't have time to talk about it now." said Maria Isabel Norman, Houston precinct captain for Barack Obama to the Houston TV affiliate reporter.


"I don't listen to the internet, I don't watch the news---I'm just on the news, I don't watch the news. I am Cuban, Cuban-American. You want to talk about the Cuban flag? I am really busy. You need to call my publicist. I don't have time to talk about it now."

From her blog on the Obama website:


Dear MyBo Comrades,

This is a reminder for the “Obama Drumming Circle” tomorrow Sat Sep 22 at 7:00 PM.

This is a team building event for gathering loving strength to carry out the Senator’s message of change.

Rule number ONE - you simply don't say or display anything that does not reflect your candidate's point of view.

If you fly a Che flag and you are Cuban, then you have no excuse for not knowing what that represents: pro-Castro, pro-Communist, and pro-Totalitarian oppression.

A presidential campaign apparently enamored with a murderous Communist thug who advocated violent revolution. "Change!"

Still not good.


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A presidential campaign apparently enamored with a murderous Communist thug who advocated violent revolution.

Still making things up in the face of the facts.

Pathetic. Everybody has seen through your BS already.