Osama Bin Laden Featured in GOP TV Ad

What would you think of 300,000,000 Americans debating Canadian politics, just before an election? Bet we could sway your outcome.

If 300,000,000 Americans debated Canadian politics at *any* time, I would look to the west and see if the sun was rising there ;)
I can find it on a map. I'm also pretty sure that British Columbia is the western part too.

I can't, however, tell anyone what part speaks what language. Or cipher in metric. Or claim any real appreciation for hockey, Anne Murray, Celine Dion, or AllAnus Morrissette. Coney Hatch rocks, though.

Yer flag's cute too.

Do I win sumthin?
A discussion is one thing but when one party ignores the numbers that represent the actual reality and spouts the propaganda that the liberal media is putting out there is no disscussion.

The facts are this, unemployment is at a 20 year low, the dow jones is at a all time high and you were not able to dispute it other then

From the point you mention of six years ago it dropped to a low of 7200 then rebounded to the current level. You failed to take that into account.

Basicaly the route you have taken is the sky is falling route instead of looking at the what is possible.

You live in Canada, right?
What would happen if the American economic system would colapse all together? Canada would be right behind us...
Unemployment is not at a 20 year low... not even close.

As for everything else.
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God knows there are a gazillion housing and associated jobs because of the housing boom and the rebuilding of the Gulf coast region.
He didn't respond appropriately because he really just doesn't care about people in general.
Again, I have to wonder at the mindset that assumes that the head of the US should be doing anything in a situation like this. I thought that's what local and state gov'ts were for.

So, what would the appropriate response have been, in your opinion?
Really? The head of the US should do nothing when a catastrophe hits a major city of the US?