So, you think there is life on other planets??

OK, maybe that sounded like the man. (Mr Adams).
Can I get away with a semi-plagurisim?

Or maybe it's time to write a book. But it needs a title that is nothing like anything he ever wrote.

I was thinking something like..."Life, the universe, and all the crappy bits in between"
Or "The universal guide to hitchhiking"
I wish I had seen this thread earlier as I would probably have had more time to read it all. But anyway...
Quote SB
The Bible was written by the apostles, and God put it in their head what to write. It's a matter of faith. If you don't believe, that's fine, but don't go saying it's a bunch of crap.

I guess you believe in Evolution and Science huh? Well if all cells arise from pre-existing cells, where the fuck did the first cell come from? It just magically appeared? I don't fucking think so. Take your head outa your "modern-ape ass."
Yep, I definatly believe in evolution and science as it's alot more believable than going to a pointy building once a week and begging forgivness to some gizza in fancy dress. I went to a catholic school and found it horrific.
The universe is far to large and infinate for us to be the only life imo. As to whether they have visited.. who knows? not me
I find Catholics to be a little strange to, but why don't you take your Godless ass to a farm and go fuck a pig, because afterall, there is no God so who the fuck cares what you do, right? :mad:
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Where did you say that there is life elsewhere? :neutral:

I can ban you from far more important places than OT Central. Do you think you're so important that you have all my information? :biker: