Town hall meeting


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Due to the abject failure of the admin/mod staff to show up for work, I hereby petition the owners of to close all forums who's moderators have not logged in within the last 30 days until such times as new moderators can be appointed. At that time, I propose opening the floor to nominations for replacement staff who will appear and do their jobs. I would also like to suggest a rule to manage admins/moderators who put their own agendas before the good of the board.

I ask for seconds for these motions before any action is taken, but that action be taken upon receiving those seconds.


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Interesting but complicated. i formally object.

The ability to inhibit free speech in not something anyone here is qualified to do. I have yet ever see a forum where moderators have been able to act as a robot.

I say keep it legal in accordance with US laws which is much easier to moderate. Keep the heated stuff in the RW where one can avoid it if they choose to do so.

I do not prescribe to the rules of politically correct speech, I believe that politically correct speech is nothing more than a tool to limit free thought, ideas and opinion.

We are but peasants of the larger world and as such afforded the luxury to speak freely.


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I second that.

Not for limiting free speech but parts of the forum are in obvious need of a babysitter because people can't be trusted to moderate themselves.


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Thirded - but not because posts need to be moderated in order to remain civil (although that is a very good reason, it seems), but additionally because the basic maintenance of the individual fora needs to happen. Between dealing with spammers, moving/merging threads and basic upkeep, there is enough work to go around.


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Objection -- Subjective, call for this to be stricken from the record.

I offer the vast majority of RW threads as evidence. Haven't seen a serious debate in there for a long time. The majority of threads denigrate into lib/con name calling.


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Subjects unsuitable for polite company. Politics, Religion, Abortion and other highly charged topics. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. However, it does get ugly. It can get personal. Don't say you weren't warned
It not the floor of the house, which is barely any better.
Spike and Mark for RW mods.

No way in hell unless the Job pays, and since it doesn't I will never do it anywhere. Besides in my opinion the best way to moderate a place like the RW is not to post at all just moderate.

I'm not sure how I feel about the whole thing. The RW is kind of an exception, and I feel the tide turning a bit. I have decided to try to ignore Wink in earnest, even to the point of putting him on ignore though I rarely use that feature. I think just in the past couple of days RM and I both have been becoming more civil toward each other. In many waysthis place is a lot more honest than the game of politics in government because of it's heated moments.

I do agree I think catocom would be very good if he was willing. I think prof would be good if he would do it. I actually think Bish might not be bad either.

I think Gonz said this well in a recent PM and I am hoping he doesn't mind me quoting, I'll take the chance anyway....

Gonz said:
Unless I get a complaint, I'm letting damn near everything go. If I see something that is unbearably over the line, I'll edit it & PM the offender.

Politics is a blood sport. Disregard the personal & go for the jugular on ideology. Fight ideas, not people.

Just my two cents, and I really don't care what anyone says about me offering an opinion. Until I am kicked out I am a member and have a right to speak.

I really think I will have a much easier time no matter what though, unless there is going to be retroactive sanctions.


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Prof's done it before and he was pretty good. A certain event soured the whole deal for him as I recall.
I've modded/adminned at several other places, though not here.
Cato is pretty good, but I don't think that he'd enjoy it all that much.

If there's to be an election or changing of the guard, a tabula rasa would most likely be in order re: past incidents