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Discussion in 'Lunatic Lounge' started by Gonz, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. Gonz

    Gonz molṑn labé Staff Member

    Whatever you call it, did you get what you wanted?
  2. highwayman

    highwayman New Member

    I got what I asked
  3. samcurry

    samcurry Screwing with the code... Staff Member

    the boys did, does that count?
  4. highwayman

    highwayman New Member

    That's a home run. You do not have to listen to the sniveling...
  5. Altron

    Altron Well-Known Member

    It depressed me to realize that as a child, I hated getting socks, and this year, I didn't get any, and I wanted some.

    I'm planning on picking up some socks, some gel insoles, a pair of khaki slacks, and a brown belt from after-xmas clearance sales.

    Hmm, as for what I did get, I made out pretty well.
    I got like four or five nice plaid shirts,
    four or five long sleeve solid color t-shirts for wearing under shortsleeve shirts
    another pair of Rockport Southfields (funny picture coming, titled "What 1,200 hours of retail can do to shoes")
    a greenish-greyish trench coat (to replace my ancient undersized khaki one)
    Braveheart DVD
    Bread Anthology CD
    Leather gloves (I told my mom that the heater in my car is broken, so she buys me gloves and a scarf)
    'weatherproof' weird material gloves
    "Starmate 4" sirius satellite radio reciever with home and car kits

    The clothes are nice and rather useful, as I prefer to dress nicely. The radio is fun to play with. The gloves will be amazing. For awhile, I didn't have any decent gloves. I rode my bike year-round, and I would wrap plastic bags around my hands to keep the wind out. I believe part of why I became so good at riding no hands was so I could put my hands behind my back, where there wasn't cold air blowing into them at 20 mph. Then I got some "Large" leather gloves. They were kinda thick, but lumpy and not warm, and too small. The new ones are very supple, they're thin but lined and still warm, and they're "Extra Large". Not a perfect fit, but very usable.

    I just need to take a bit of time to vent about clothes. I hate fitting them.

    My feet are fucking huge. I need to buy size 14, which is a pain in the ass, since most stores carry few if any shoes above size 12. I made out well with my Rockports, which is why I have three pairs of the same style. It's very hit or miss to find them. I find Rockports and New Balance work well, but I don't have much to compare to. I'd love to try Birkenstocks, since Gautam swears by them, but they're expensive. I haven't been able to find any size 14s to try on, and I wouldn't buy them unless I thought that I would like them. I'm iffy on the idea of not having a heel, since I'm not a big fan of flip-flops, but I have huge fucking callouses on my heels, and after a few hours in the Rockports, they start to hurt. My understanding is that Birks are really comfy, but I don't know if they would be annoying to walk in. Can't try them beforehand, either.
    Pants, I'm all right with. You pick out the length separately from the width. My only issue is with the cheap pants with the stretch waist. I know what fucking size I am. When I buy 42-32s, I want a 42 waist. Not a 44 waist. If a 44 fit, I'd fucking buy a 44. I have a few pairs of pants that I can't wear with a shirt tucked in, because they're too lose and when I put on a belt to get them tight enough to not fall down, the waistline is too long and loops out from under the belt and looks like shit.
    Shirts are soo fucking annoying. An average Men's XL shirt is loose and comfortable on me. However, when I bend my elbows, the cuffs are halfway up my forearm. If I lift my arms above my head, you can see my belly button.
    I have tried XXL, but they're way too baggy, and they're not any longer, just wider. I've had decent results with XL-Tall, but I could still use another three inches on the sleeves and the bottom.
    Gloves, another pain in the ass. My hands are huge bear paws, but proportionally, they're very feminine, oblong palms and slender fingers. They're slightly narrower than men's large gloves and slightly longer than men's extra large gloves.
    Don't even get me started on hats. To put it simply, I have a very large diameter cranium, and I have yet to find a hat that fits me comfortably.

    anyway, yeah, fun xmas. sorry about the clothing rant. being tall has its perks, but the drawbacks are usually underrepresented by the media. clothes, cars, blankets, and beds are typically designed for shorter people. that's part of the reason I drive such a large car. you think anything imported has as much leg room? nope. I've become used to having my feet stick out from the edge of the mattress and the bed.

  6. Altron

    Altron Well-Known Member

    Now that it's over, how long before I have to dismantle the decorations from my car?
    Also, what exciting things can I now use the inverter for?
  7. tonksy

    tonksy New Member

    I got a sewing machine a couple weeks back and we have been buying things for the house recently...but as far as wrapped presents go I got 2 blouses, 1 sweater, 1 pair of slacks, 1 nice pair of jeans, 2 pairs of underthings, 1 excellent Louis Vuitton knock off of the mini Alma, 2 pairs of earrings, chocolates, some candles, a terrific pottery bowl painted in colors matching our kitchen motif made by Rob's Mother, a decorative cruet set.....I'm sure I am forgetting something.....
  8. highwayman

    highwayman New Member

    You have not already?

    The inverter has a lot of potential...
  9. chcr

    chcr Too cute for words

    I'm reasonably certain that at one time I could have played every cut on that album (well, it was an album when I had it -- 33-1/3 rpm LP). I wasn't aware anyone still listened to them.
    Ahh moms. What would we do without them? ;)

    Are the hoses still connected to your heater core?
  10. Leslie

    Leslie Communistrator Staff Member

    I did!

    A bee-yoo-ti-ful watch and a cell and a kettle and girlie stuff and some blue opal earrings AND I got a Lagostina set!!

    Avery picked out Betty and Veronica socks for me, they're awesome!

    Also, I got my birthday present from my parents 5 months early, a set of two huge stock pots by Roscan. They are gorgeous.

    Good Christmas this year. Really good.
    But ohmanI'msotired.
  11. Altron

    Altron Well-Known Member

    I get a little bit of heat out of it once the motor is warm, but not much more than I would get from vents. I think everything is connected. What would I look for to determine if something wasn't?
  12. Leslie

    Leslie Communistrator Staff Member

    Water Pump.
  13. Altron

    Altron Well-Known Member

    nah, they're still kickin' it up
    gonna probably have to kill them by new years

    115vac, actually

    rope lights inside? disco ball? space heater? electric blanket?
  14. TexasRaceLady

    TexasRaceLady Active Member

    I received the 1 gift I asked for --- a set of really good, deep-pocket sheets.
  15. Leslie

    Leslie Communistrator Staff Member

    oooooooh! Excellent!
    I love deep pocket sheets!
  16. highwayman

    highwayman New Member

    Go nastalgic and purt in a mechanical bull and line dance in the trunk...
  17. Luis G

    Luis G <i><b>Problemator</b></i> Staff Member

    Tomorrow I'll know, I didn't ask for anything but I know I'll get something :D
  18. Inkara1

    Inkara1 Well-Known Member

    Unless you have an extremely large inverter, a space heater will most definitely overload it. When I sold meat out of the back of a truck for three days, the inverter the truck had to run the chest freezer was about a foot and a half long and nine or 10 inches wide. Keep in mind the heater probably would be 1,000 watts or so (8.6 amps at 115 volts), and most inverters can handle nowhere near that.

    Rope lights might be fun. The disco ball will interfere with your vision.

    As for my take... I got a few litle things here and a bunch of money. That works for me.
  19. IDLEchild

    IDLEchild Well-Known Member

    A Dime cry baby from hell wah pedal...only thing i really wanted and got it.
  20. Dave

    Dave Well-Known Member

    i did pretty good.
    got an XBox 360 and 3 games, a new digi camera (Cannon SD600), a disk cleaning/repair kit plus the requsite clothing items.
    still have a small pile of gifts to open from her side of the family.

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