All Hail the Karma Queen




It took a while, but tonks has taken her rightful place atop the karma ratings. And I think its about time. She has over 4ooo posts and still maintains a post/day count of 43.71. :eek: Thats unbelievable!

And they've been treasures, every one. May your reign be long and enjoyable, tonks. :hug:



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*a dingy, heavily bearded, shadow of a man stands under a lonely street lamp. He pulls up his tattered Mackie to ward off the cold. He absently scratches his nose in an attempt to distract from his fractured memories and internal sorrow. He mutters under his nicotine tainted rum breath ... 'I was famous once... They used to bow and cheer to my name. Alas... I have become the dust of yesteryear.'


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* a malicious brat standing opposite the dingy oldman runs up to him and kicks him square between the legs*....."haha"


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Buttcrackdivine said:
Nudity by the honored member is required.
I agree 100% with BCD - take 'em off Tonksy! :D

Congrats gf! Your karma queen status is well deserved! :hug: :worship:


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tonks said:
LALALALALALALALA *prances around naked*

now stop it...:blush: you're embarrassing me....

Well, ye know I won't be geting down on me knees for ye hun, but congrats - every one of those green beads are well deserved...... now, please tell me - are you gonna tie Squigs to the bed with that string of yours.....and if so, will you post pics? :winkkiss:

aaaaaahhhh Oz would be proud ;)


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paul_valaru said:
oh ok..wait isn't your cat's name rumsfield?

we need an impartial observer, get the neibors cat
oooh! great kitty name paul! *adds that to the list of future cats names*

AT...thanks....OZ? *sniffle*


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I'm stunned. To think that you've trippled my thread count in such a small time. I better start posting more often, eh!

Congrats Tonksy!