Dirt Cheap or Free

It looks like the second one comes with a better processor but a cheaper motherboard. But there sure isn't more than $100 difference between the two boards, I'm sure.
One for the movie buffs

Maxtor L01R300...300GB, 16MB cache, 7200rpm, ide133 $229. less $70.MiR = $159 at Office Depot.
Professur said:
They've got some good deals there. I decided just for the hell of it to see if I could build a working system for under $150. So I got that board, a cheap mouse, cheap keyboard, $3 "snowman" speakers, a case, 256MB RAM and a 30GB hard drive for $109.17 including shipping and sales tax. I've got a spare DVD drive sitting around, and a 300W PSU. All I need is a CPU and HSF, which I think I can find for less than $40, and a monitor and I'll be up and running. I don't know where I'll plug in the second system or what I'll use it for, but still, it'll be fun to build a system for $150.