Dirt Cheap or Free

I was using it, but it makes it so that Azureus won't run no matter what I do.
HeXp£Øi± said:
Don't need it but i could probably get rid of it on another website for you really quickly at that price if you want. Let me know.

Nah, I didn't buy one. I just thought someone else might need one at a good price. I'm NOT the seller, there.
Cheap Headphones....

The kids here go through a set of headphones every couple of months.
I've gotten all different kinds, and qualities, but they seem to last the same with them.
So I started getting the cheapest thing I could find for um.
I just bought 15 sets of those = about 20-21 bucks.

I got the first set at a local store here for $1 plus tax. They aren't the best
for sure, but good for the price.
So if you don't mind supporting China....

Here's a site just for picture ref...
Not yet.

I'm waiting for this years 80GB 8MB cahse 7200, IDE133 drives to get cheap..I need two of them to complete a full RAID array & am to cheap to pay full price when I've seen 'em this cheap several times.