Dirt Cheap or Free


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free coffee on roll up the rim

oh, I have a 70 pound server if anyone wants it, 4 hat swap hard drives etc, if you want to pay the shipping.


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My hat, it has three corners... three corners has my hat... and had it not three corners... it would not be my hat.


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I got one of these from a friend for $25. He got them from his work after they upgraded. I didn't get to use it very long before the power supply blew up. What an impressive BANG! and then a smoke smell. :(

It's not a standard power supply either, so I can't use it until I get another one.


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tin snips and a soldering iron can solve that problem in a hurry.

It's a thought. My original plan was to turn that system into a nice little dvr for my mom. But since then, I've decided to build one for her into a tower instead. That way I can have plenty of room for upgrades.


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Here's the website for DR MO...Don't look for anything really nice, though. Most of that gets snagged by other government organizations before it gets sold to the public.


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Odd.....I got a "The site's security certificate is not trusted!" message when I went to search the site....