Front, back or side.

Which door to your house gets the most use?

  • Front door

    Votes: 10 45.5%
  • Rear door

    Votes: 4 18.2%
  • Side door

    Votes: 5 22.7%
  • Other, or they all get similar usage.

    Votes: 3 13.6%

  • Total voters


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doors. Which is the usual entrance to your house.

I ask because one of the houses we're looking at was built in the 50's and has since been completely twisted about inside to the point that the front door hasn't been used in years, and doesn't even have a path up to it anymore. It's on a corner lot, and he moved the drive about to rear, and all the activity is through the back door now. Then it occured to me the I never made it through Unc's or HL's front door either. That got me wondering if this is a common thing.


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Normally we come in through the garage door. The 2 back doors are utilized equally from the deck and the front door is for guests and delivery men.


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front. parents house = thru the garage, parents-in-law = back door (driveway wraps around house)


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Back door here, for the simple reason of how the driveway is situated and the parked car is closer to the back...


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Front door...the side-door leads to the yard, and if you're coming in from there, we have some stuff to talk about.

Uki Chick

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We usually use the front door unless we're in the yard. The side door is very rarely used. The most used on a daily basis though would have to be the back door because we let the dog out that way.


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Front door at home, back door at my families, through the garage at hers. hehe-hehe, he said "back door"


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Front door here... in order to exit through the other door, I have to go past the front door to the kitchen/dining room, out the side door, through the fence gate and past the front door again on the way to the gate out the front yard. It doens't make sense to do that... plus, the side door has a barrel bolt lock on it that can't be locked or unlocked from the outside, while the front door has a normal deadbolt.


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In fact, I don't even have a real back door here... so if there's fire in the kitchen, I'd be in trouble because I'd have to go by it to get to any door.


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We have two back doors, garage doors, and front doors.

The back doors have serious bolt locks, the kind that only operate from the inside. We leave them locked most of the time, unless we're in the back.

My mom uses the garage door a lot, since she parks in the garage.

My dad and I usually use the front door.


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Garage door if we have been anywhere via the van.
Front door if walking to or from school, taking dog for walk, guests, delivery dudes.
Patio door for hangin out in the back yard.

I guess the most used door would be the front....


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Only have one door. Actually, I don't know of anyone 'round here with a "back door". A door on the verandah, sure, but nothing that can be used as a common entrance to the house.


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Back door. It let's out on the patio and the sidewalk to the cement pond. We also park beside the patio given that my wife fails to understand that some people actually use their garages to park automobiles in.


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my wife fails to understand that some people actually use their garages to park automobiles in.

Yea right. Where would you put the mower & the bikes & the yard tools & the trampoline & the....


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Side door. We live in a raised bungalow, our front door requires going up 6 steps outside and then you're just on a landing and you need to go up 6 inside to get upstairs or down 6 inside to get down stairs...the side door comes into the laundry room on the ground floor (above ground basement) so we dont' have to go on any stairs before being able to put down whatever we're carrying and there's lotsa room for shoe racks and the like. Our backdoor goes into the backyard so it's only used to let the dog out or if we're on the deck. The garage doors gets used in the winter cause my mom parks in the garage, or if we have to carry a lot of stuff inside and don't want to walk around to the side door (the garage door also goes into the laundry room).


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Heh . . . my house is backwards - the back (which is the front) faces the road so that the front (which is the back) faces the woods and the creek. There is no door on the front (which is the back) so I use the door on the back (which is the front). There is a sliding glass door on the lanai, which is on the side of the house, but it is very large and heavy and I am lazy so I avoid using it except to go out onto the lanai.


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front,garage and sliding door to lania, we use them all. Especially now when we can shut the air conditioner off and open all the doors and windows. Although it has been getting alittle chilly at night to keep them all open

Gess, and i thought this was a trick thread! :hump: