How guarded are you on the net?


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How far will you go in letting everyone know what you look like, where you live, what you are, and what you do? I dare say none of us are goofy enough to let real vitals out like our collective variants on government ID numbers and credit card info ... but a good deal of us will slap up piccys and give general skeletal info while others will not.

How many people out on the web know your phone number? your street addy? Has anything foul ever come of letting too much info out?

By my count, I have slapped up well over 30 pics of myself on the site at various times, given out my phone number to at least 10 people have my number .. and pretty much everyone can know where I live if if they remember a few old posts of mine on JJRs where I posted maps and gave explicit street directions and published pictures.

What are your limitations and reasons?


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I will only give my number to those I feel I know well and whom I trust. I will post pics of myself but not in excess. Street addy only gets given to those I REALLY REALLY trust.

Luis G

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On the web:
- Only 1 person has my street address, house phone number and cell phone.
- Pics, i really don't care, i have posted several.
- Many know my complete name and last names.
- Everybody knows i'm from Morelia, to hide your location would be similar to feel ashamed of it imo.

On the chat:
- When i get to know the person, i have no problems revealing my address or phone number. As long as i get the same courtesy back.


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I changed my name, got plastic surgery and moved to an undisclosed location.


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No pics, no reason really. I don't care who knows what I look like. If you want to show children my pic and say "Look how you could turn out if you hang around with drunkards, fools and musicians" to scare them, that's okay too. :D
As for personal info, I use my hotmail address as my address of records on things I register for. I don't give my phone or street address unless someone is going to have a reason to call me or send me snail mail. I try to operate by the simple rule that there are two kinds of paranoia, rampant and insufficient.:headbang:


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only a couple got my address, a couple more got my phone number...other than that I'm pretty open with pics and whatnot.


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Nothing except pics (if I can help it).

hobart has my address though - still waiting for a letter from you, dude. ;)

Edit - actually, so does Shadowfax. Hmm... somebody in my family has been leaking information regarding my whereabouts to any old Jonny Psychopath off the street!!! :eek6:



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It took me a long time to give out my real name here, and for awhile I wouldn't even say what town I live in. I used to post in the bulletin boards on Slate using my real name, and I ran into a few people that I thought were a little spooky. No one ever tried to make contact with me in RL, but they were bizarre enough to make me worry about it. That's why I started using a screen name. Still, I don't go to great lengths to protect my identity.

Ironically, I just recently posted something on a very leftist blog using the name "Ardsgaine," and I was slammed for hiding behind a screen name. I gave my email address, the only one I ever use, so anyone who emailed me could've gotten a reply back with my full name on it. Those were just some very hostile people... :eh:


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Sold my sub on a forum to some old biffer the other day - she rang me and said "hello MuFu!". It sounded so bad I nearly died of embarassment. Quickly told her my real name (Paul) so she wouldn't attempt to pronounce "MuFu" infront of my mates.


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I had never even thought about it until I joined this board - never said it in my head or anything. Always thought of it more as a symbol than anything else, lol.

"m00f" is better. :D


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cities, first names, generalized past, and even pics are hard to do much with. One person has my last name & he sent me something in the mail...I have return info & he's been around a long time. Nobody has my phone number, including my mom;) I pay for non-published for a reason :D

Mostly paranoid would be my description I suppose.


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Well, Bish has all my details, but I know where he lives, so he's not gonna spread it. Other than that, only the one pic, and if anyone want's to dig for it, a satelite photo of my neighbourhood. I did give out a 1-800 number. I'll bet I'm the only one to do that.


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I'll bet you're the only one who has one :tardbang:

For me, I'm pretty open. Pics, name, town, general information like that (and occasionally a little TMI :D)

A few people have my phone number (some with the old one) and have talked to me on the phone, and a few others have my street address because they've shipped stuff to me. A few have both.

But no, generally I usually don't go around boasting my phone number or home address for fear of telemarketers getting it. (Stalkers I can deal with, but telemarketers... *shudder*)