What SHOULD you be doing?


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Winky said:
Re: What SHOULD you be doing?

Adopting a totally hawt 12 year old Russian gurl???

It is entirely possible she could be in mah house
by Friday

somebody save me!


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10am - going to bed??!?

I should be, and am, printing up 250 Garda Catalogues...on a slow but beautiful printer. :)


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A.B.Normal said:
Doing 4mnths of overnight shifts 10pm-630am ,3weeks down 13 to go.
Aah... Did that for close to 10 years. It was Ok while I was paying for University and putting money away for my house, but it's not for me anymore.
8:30-5pm for me now. :D


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yep Olesya has been here since 05/19

I might not be around
as it appears I'll have my hands full
for oh say, THE NEXT SIX YEARS!!!


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Professur said:
Get her into Gymnastics, Wink. It's not too late.

She's already buff as can be, just like a good little Russian gymnast!
the gurl's got honest to jesus guns for arms :eek:
(oh and is well on her way to being hawt as hell!)

If we go ahead and sign on the dotted line
this will either be the glorious dénouement of my life
or a smoking disaster of epic proportions

heh heh either way I'll be finshed at the end

include me in your prayers...


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I should have a shower...I changed the sheets on my bed today and there's nothing quite like getting into fresh clean sheets when you're all clean yourself.


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Hell I should start a:
'the epic journey of Olesya into womanhood' thread
if I sign on the dotted line I just might!
Dave you gots PM :wink: