What's yer speed?

At Howard County General Hospital the other day, I downloaded a 1.27 GB file (Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 Trial for Mac) in a bit under 25 minutes, I guess if I did the math right that's about 7100 kbps. Only half as fast as my earlier-posted results, which were at University of Maryland Medical Center. And even UMMC's speed, which I believe was one of top three or four speeds posted in this thread so far, felt pokey compared to when I was at Johns Hopkins Hospital. I didn't think to measure the speed, but page loads were virtually instantaneous.
Here's what I'm getting on my laptop courtesy of a Sierra USBConnect 881 on AT&T. Status indicator for the card shows 2 out of 5 bars of signal strength, 3G network:

My ISP claims 5Mbps down and 512Kbps up

New apartment and new laptop (I'm convinced the USB wireless adapter I was using with my old one was affecting my speed in a significant way)...same provider and package.

Also, that would be kind of silly of me to compare old apartment + old laptop to new apartment + new laptop because that's two variables. I still had my old laptop when I moved here. I've had both running at the same time and the internet is noticeably slower on the old laptop...hence my comment.
Test at the same time of the day? Cable lines are shared with the whole neighborhood, you know...
Or, you could also, you know, have both laptops running and test them one right after the other...

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I've never tested them at the same time, but I've run them both side by side and the old one is slower.