What's yer speed?

Upgraded for only a few bucks more per month (for the next 12 months... but yeah :beerbang: )

One downside of the move... 6-meg DSL isn't available here (and this is supposed to be 3-meg).

Latest speed bump...they musta sniffed my inquiry for Verizon FIOS and decided to bump me up. This is starting to look real good compared to what I might get with FIOS.

At work... the download speed is about normal, the upload is a hair slow today.

This connection is big fun for transferring 40 megs worth of TIFF images for a section of the paper.
Only about 300 hp, which produces decent torque, but it redlines at the 75 mph... oh, wait- y'all mean computinspeed
friggin nerds! :confuse2:
We are talkin one ragged-out POS- next stop is the junkyard.
My next pickup is going to be a VW diesel. Small
But Gawd I'd love to have a 1960's International Harvester- the brass ring of pickup trucks, except they are gas hogs.