The unbelievably long story thread, part one

someone that actually cooked their fish before eating it. Neither could he be someone that
shaking a champagne bottle, opening it and sticking it up somone's arse, then drinking the massive fountain of shit/champagne that erupts outwards. Only one act is more disgusting, and that is
Not post in this FUCKING THREAD! I don't care if the 1000 post tread is getting alot of attention or not we still need this story to keep going ya hear me?!?!?!
more polls on 'what is your favorite insect to pull out of your family's fur and eat'?:

*all of the above for this striped-ass baboon
Suddenly, someone actually noticed that the unbelievably long story thread had slipped off the front page and decided to post some nonsensical crap. Pseudoscientifically speaking, such a move would
turnips. And so, the story surged forward, if only to waste more of OSLI's time writing it up. OSLI on the otherhand wanted the thread to die, as he had much better things to do with his time, such as
wanking. The guy was just obsessed by wanking. That was one of the main reasons he barely visited OTC anymore, but another reason was that OSLI was
wanking. He actually wanked so hard that space and time folded in on itself, understandably causing a number of complaints from the neighbours. But ISLO didn't care. In defiance, he
whipped it out and beat it at the mayor's ribbon cutting for the new grocery store, at the local meeting of the Parents-Teachers Association, and at Mrs Thompson's Tupperware party.